Beyond the discomforts of the economy class seats, beyond the improvements of business class accommodations, beyond the opulence of the first class and even the luxurious intimacy of airplane suites, the number one solution for traveling the globe is without a doubt the private jet
– a plane all to yourself, offering unprecedented flexibility, comfort and status to its wealthy passenger, writes
Thomas Hughes

It is convenient and efficient, saving time and reducing stress. Ultra high net worth individuals naturally tend to favour this means of transportation and, whether one wishes to purchase a personal aircraft or to charter it for a single flight, it presents the best possible service that no commercial airline could ever provide. Forget waiting lines, misplaced baggage, lacklustre airline food and the hassle of public airport procedures, just sit back and enjoy the flight.

So how does one choose the right plane to acquire? The options are many and the market is most competitive, offering plenty of choice to the customer as companies constantly strive to outdo one another in matters of efficiency, comfort, luxury, safety and innovation. Amidst big names such as Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier, there is a French airliner that is definitely worthy of note: the Dassault Falcon 7X – a large cabin business jet manufactured by Dassault Aviation and introduced on 15 June 2007. An elegant plane on the cutting edge of technological advancement, The Falcon 7X is an ultra-long-range trijet, reaching a maximum range of 5,950 nmi and capable of linking even the furthest cities within a single flight. It is

powered by three jet engines, Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A, each one producing 6,402 lb of thrust. Fast and cost effective, the 7X travels

at a Maximum Operating Speed of 0.90 Mach and consumes 15-30% less fuel than other aircraft of its type, thus greatly reducing its cost of operation.

With a cabin length of 39.07 ft, maximum width of 92.00 in and 74.00 in of headroom, the Falcon 7X was designed for the optimal comfort of an eight-passenger and three-crew payload at a maximum takeoff weight of 70,000 lb. The cabin is acclaimed for its advanced noise reduction feature, a unique, refreshing air filtration method and a state-of-the-art environmental system. Equipped with technology that is normally employed in fighter jets and marked for its reliance on computer-aided design, the 7X is the first aircraft amongst business jets to introduce a Digital Flight Control System – a fly-bywire approach that substitutes manual flight controls with a digital interface, pioneering a new standard of aircraft functioning on virtual

platforms. As of 2016, the price of the Dassault Falcon 7X is set at $53.8 million USD. The primary users of this aircraft are the Shell Oil Company, the Dassault Falcon Service and the Volkswagen AG. Some of the notable celebrity owners of the 7X include: Russian billionaire – Roman Abramovich, the second richest man in the Middle East – Majid Al Futtaim, and Dutch media tycoon – John de Mol.   EG