Except Top Executives at the UN, OECD, World Bank, NATO, EU and Others

International organisations like the UN, the World Bank, the OECD, NATO, the EU and other organisations repeatedly state that everyone should contribute a fair share of tax, However, their top executives do not pay income tax, as their salaries from these organisations are tax exempt. These executives do not contribute a single penny in income tax. Why? And is it fair?

The answer is that international organisations and their executives are exempt from paying tax due to international treaties. But is it fair? No, it is not! 

These top executives have exceedingly high salaries, and they receive numerous other benefits, such as furnished accommodation and chauffeur-driven cars that are available 24/7. If they travel, they may well travel by private jet, or as first class or business class passengers, and of course they have access to luxury lounges and five or six star hotels - all tax free. They have pension schemes - schemes that other people cannot even dream of. They have tax-free Internet, free newspapers, phones, and other tax-free benefits in kind. These executives are the elite, but they are zero taxpayers - they contribute nothing from their income! 


A pensioner on the lowest possible pension or a single, unemployed mother receiving social benefits, may have to pay tax at a rate of 25-40%. A self-employed person who privately drives a company car a few miles must pay tax on this benefit. Why? Because everyone must contribute a fair share of tax – expect these top executives in international organisations. 

Why is no one in these organisations asking questions about unfair taxation, and whether it is fair that their executive are zero taxpayers, something they all claim is so important? Can they not afford to pay any tax at the same rate on their €200,000-€300,000 salaries and benefits in kind? Of course, they can, but still, they pay absolutely nothing.  

Is this fair? No, it is not! Will anyone do anything about it? Probably not. 

Perhaps these organisations and their top executives should start to put their own houses in order and demand that their top executives should start paying their fair share? 


The time has come for organisations and governments around the world to start asking these questions. The UN, the World Bank, the OECD, the EU, NATO, Transparency International and other international organisations, take advantage of every single opportunity to call for fair taxation and demand that everyone - else – should contribute their fair share. 

It is fair to ask: who must pay extra tax so that these executives on top salaries and benefits can continue being zero taxpayers? We do - all those other taxpayers who are not zero taxpayers. Top executives in international organisations: 

Shame on you!   EG