We all have heard that timing is everything, and almost all of the public accept this idea. It applies to virtually all aspects of life. In sports, the matter of a few seconds, or in some cases milliseconds, can mean the difference between winning and losing. 

In the world of silver and gold, timing matters as well. When I started on the Internet over two decades ago, there were only two primary silver advocates, myself and Ted Butler. I introduced Ted to Jim Cook of Investment Rarities, and Ted began writing for them and has continued to this day.

Now there are so many people talking silver and gold on the Internet it must number in the hundreds. When I began, silver was at the lowest price in inflation-adjusted terms than it had ever been in all of recorded history. All investors are taught to buy low and sell high, but this from my experience is genuine, but seldom acted upon.  


Right NOW is the time to get into the precious metals in all forms. And, yes, your timing could not be more perfect! Why would I state it is perfect timing when just weeks ago, you could have purchased both the money metals and associated investments at a much lower price?  

Because investors are fickle and want instant gratification and as soon as they put their money on the line, they not only want, but it many cases- expect the market to obey their wish and begin to move in their favour the very next day.

Although this seldom happens, the professional investors wait until the train is moving before jumping on board, and this is EXACTLY where we are presently. The time is now to be assured the trend is your friend and you can jump on the train and ride it to the next station or the end- the choice is yours. 

We are in a currency crisis, and all the work the establishment has done is ending. The U.K. and Canada have sold their respective gold reserves. The U.S. still claims to have a vast hoard, but does it exist? And if it does exist, how many claims are on that gold? Selling gold, the one money that has reigned supreme for five thousand years- is the stupidest investment decision in all of recorded history and indeed, will be noted. 

After this reckless selling, the Basel III agreement rated gold a tier-one asset, which means it is as good cash and used as the best asset on a given Bank’s balance sheet. The truth is, all “cash” is fiat unless exchangeable for precious metals. Regardless, the banks know what is coming, and it will be a massive shift in the financial markets. 

Big money will seek a safe harbour in all forms, physical metal, mining shares, ETF’s and over the counter products. The major mining companies will benefit significantly in share appreciation due to this new money flooding into the sector. The mid-tier and junior miners are too small in market capitalisation for the stalwarts to buy.  

Small funds, family offices, and the general public will participate as well, and most of the public will be looking for “cheap” gold and silver stocks, which means the junior mining sector will look similar to the run from 2003 to 2007 only bigger and better. Beware, please, near the end of this cycle, there will be plenty of Moose Pasture touted as having the potential for a significant gold discovery.


China and Russia have seen this coming for some time and imported gold for a very long time, slowly, carefully, and quietly. Many do not know that China is probably the most significant gold miner in the world, and not a single ounce leaves the country. It is also one of the few if only countries that actively promotes the idea of gold investment to their citizens.  

China is also leading the world into a cashless society, and this is true for 600 million Chinese that do ALL purchases digitally. Cash is not accepted, and the people are so conditioned to paying with their phones or through an app that it is the new “normal” for them. Beware, investors, this is coming to you soon. 

One area that I have struggled with is the statement that referring to gold and silver is…“You will either have it or you won’t,” which implies that these precious metals could become unobtainable at some point. After seriously considering this, I think it is a possibility, at least temporarily. We know for a fact the in subcategories; this is true for both silver and gold eagles from the U.S. Treasury. You cannot extrapolate from this to all gold and silver available. Still, it does suggest the type of demand that the U.S. Treasury never anticipated, and we are at the very beginning of the next move higher.

Investors reading this article will agree, and many will not. The one thing than I can assure you all, is that the majority that push these ideas away in late summer 2020, will at some point, yearn for gold and silver. Why, because the destruction of our current financial/monetary system is coming to an end. I only hope they find precious metals are obtainable and not “unobtainable”.   EG