As architects we’re in a constant search for uniqueness. We believe architecture can shape the behaviour of people, contributing to their well-being and prosperity.

For us, it is an ethical commitment to understand the needs of each client through careful observation and analysis, so we can portray architecture that fits the desires, values, and character of those meant to inhabit it and thrive within it.


This philosophy has led us to a career of over 20 years designing and building homes for several families in the United States and Latin America, consolidating our firm internationally. Our purpose is to achieve spaces that you can relate to, that embody your lifestyle, and that meet all the requirements for an optimal quality of life. 

Aided by thoughtful design, we seek to create atmospheres through spaces that reflect the spirit of the one who dwells in them. In doing so, we transform a house into what every home should become: the extension of one’s self. 

When it comes to beach and coastal residences, this spatial quality in the atmospheres becomes the true pinpoint of our ethos, where leisure is the ultimate goal. 

We take profit of each of the individual “bits of paradise”, already existing before the project even takes place, as a source of inspiration. We transform the place, we reshape the atmosphere, and we “recreate” that paradise into an experience that is unique and tailor-made. 

each project is unique

Local techniques, craftsmanship, and aesthetics are strong allies in our quest to intertwine both the character of the emplacement and that of the people who will enjoy it, in order to create the perfect scenario for a constant dialogue between nature and soul. 

We believe each project has its own particular essence, strongly tied to the essence of each of our clients. It is our mission to find and materialise that essence into your own individual “bit of paradise”.   EG