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Design Hub Malta is an award-winning professional architectural design studio, offering both interior and exterior design for residential and commercial projects. We caught up with SEAN CASSAR, the creative pioneer behind the innovative firm, to discuss what it takes to deliver the finest aesthetically pleasing and functional interior and exterior design solutions, to affluent local and foreign clients.

EG: Possessing great expertise from conceptual design, building construction, interior, spacial, exterior design and branding, to full completion across a variety of properties from hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, to offices and luxury homes, what would you say sets apart one successful property from the next? 


SC: A successful project whether it is residential or commercial can be identified by its dedication to brief concept and location.. the client plays a big part in this since they also form part of the successful story and detailing of a successful project.

EG: You have forged strong relationships, being involved in the most important stages of your clients’ personal lives. Tell us about how significant of an impact Design Hub Malta has had in the design of new homes, weddings and renovations? 

SC: We are in the service of offering and creating improved lifestyles. Although a client may have a healthy budget for a project, it is the attention to detail, ergonomics and functionality that help achieve this heightened standard of living. We strive to offer a functionally designed lifestyle to clients, whether it is for their wedding, for their home or their offices. 


EG: Are there any additional ways in which Design Hub Malta’s bespoke offering has been adjusted to help businesses thrive during the pandemic? 

SC: With our office space projects we needed to adjust our design strategy of desking and also add additional bespoke screens and fun work space elements to help increase staff comfort and performance coming into this hybridisation age of office usage. 

EG: What has been your most enjoyable project to work on from the initial design phase, through to final completion and why? 

SC: I would say all of them, since each and every one have their own effect on our passions. If I had to choose, I would say the 23 Boutique hotel in Malta. A two hundred year old building was respected and taken advantage of at the same time. This property was a palazzo which housed wealthy individuals back in the day. Many small rooms leaving into other ones. Narrow spiral staircases leading to different levels and rooms. Very high ceilings especially at front of house, one can find the Sala Nobile. 

EG: Having worked on commercial projects from Eden Cinemas to 23 Boutique and Gamesys Group, to high end residential properties, what have you learned about the importance of exemplary customer service to wealthy clients?

SC: Consideration of clients’ needs and worries are the pillars to have a consistent relationship with high end groups or individuals. The budgets for projects are very important to use accurately, and honestly if the budget cannot achieve the clients aspirations is paramount.

EG: And as an award-winning entrepreneur, leading a cutting-edge design firm going from strength to strength, what three elements would you say have been most instrumental in maintaining your long list of satisfied customers?

SC: I believe honesty, dependability and creating solutions on the spot, are the main elements that keep us growing and getting continuous repeat business. We also offer a design, build and install packages for particular projects which we see the most successful throughout our clients today.   . 

EG: Tell us about how some of your office designs have improved the workspaces, productivity and ultimately, bottom line profitability for your commercial clients? 

SC: An office space which considers all aspects of staff comfort, brand identity, concept designs, functional lighting and other elements are breeding grounds for success in an office space. We help staff increase their productivity by considering their experience from the second they walk into the door, to the time they leave. More time is spent in the office than at home and we create spaces that still give them the ‘home away from home’ feeling, but at the same time, feel part of a family and brand that is offering the best service in their sector. If the office space does not allow staff to get this feeling, productivity may decrease and staff may move to another company that has invested in staff comfort and perceptions.

EG: Please elaborate on the advantages of having a ‘One Stop Shop’ with all interior, spacial and exterior design provisions taken care of under one roof? 

Over the years we have compiled and sourced products and finishes which we preferred using due to their quality, style or longevity as a product. That led us into carefully selecting teams of tradesmen and artisans to apply and use our products. With great success we now offer a large selection of hard and soft materials for both indoor and outdoor usage for the local market or to be exported. We have the ability to design, build and export overseas. This gives foreign investors the possibility of having  a ‘one off’ design with bespoke materials and furnishings made in Malta and built in another country.   EG   

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