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Globally, priorities are changing, many big city dwellers are ready to live elsewhere, leaving behind the pace of the urban concrete jungle, its rising costs, excessive tax structures, maddening traffic and street crime.

Enter stage right, the new world of biophilic design and Eagle Cliff Lodge on the Columbia River in America’s Pacific Northwest. The lodge, a private residence, is a fine example of the biophilic school of thought connecting the architectural living and working space and nature in the grandest of ways. 

Resting on a rock cliff cloaked in a lush green forest 210 ft above sea level with a panoramic view of the grand Columbia River, the lodge in its natural setting alone is magnificent to behold. Additionally, the lodge’s structure and its interior celebrates the natural elements of wood, stone, fire and water. The full-length walls of windows are open to natural light and spectacular views, in which to find a diamond in the raw. A diamond that more than satisfies the requirements and goals to inspire the positive mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing of those in residence and those who visit. 

Nature created the whole of Western Washington in the Pacific Northwest knowing full well that humans would have an innate biological affinity for the natural world. This regional location is a perfect fit for people searching to live in an area with breathtaking natural beauty and unique urban and rural cultures; for those looking for adventure, for new and exciting business ventures, and for opportunities to interface with creative and inspiring people. 

For outdoor enthusiasts who seek respite through adventures in nature there is something for everyone here. Defined by the wildly picturesque Pacific Ocean beaches to the west and the towering Cascade Mountain Range to the east, the geography and climate support hunting, fishing, water sports, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, biking, and camping. For those who crave adventures in diverse cuisine and drink, Voila! Fresh offerings from the sea and rivers are bountiful along with fresh local produce from farms and orchards. Burgeoning vineyards, craft breweries and spirit distilleries are wildly popular here as well as a long-standing coffee culture. 

Western Washington is also an exceptional place to do business. The state of Washington does not have an income tax and there are over 50 tax incentive programs available for businesses. Its accessible neighbour Oregon does not have a sales tax. The state has a reputation for innovation and invention. It is from here that commercial jet travel took flight and where computer technology was transformed from science fiction into an everyday tool.  People here embrace new ideas from not only information and communication technology but from numerous disciplines, from aerospace, agriculture, clean energy, forest production, global health and life science, to maritime military defense. An exceptional number of Fortune 500 companies have a home here......all brain children of visionaries and creative people. Better yet many of these companies now offer and even encourage the hybrid workforce.

Whether you are seeking a full-time residence from which to live and work, a part time vacation home, an extended stay hospitality opportunity, a corporate retreat, part of a domicile diversification portfolio, or investment migration, this spectacular home welcomes you.   EG  

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