Harry J. Fotinos has been in the real estate business since 1991, offering his clients a comprehensive approach to land acquisition and sales in the field of residential lot development. His field of expertise includes services such as market analysis, site selection and initial valuation.

Thanks to Fotinos’ experience in the domain, his clients have long benefitted from his ability to counsel them on matters of deal structure and financial modelling. He is devoted to client satisfaction and works diligently to provide them with the most accurate feasibility study in order to identify potential obstacles, upholding the best interest of all parties engaged in the deal.


During the course of his long-spanning and successful career, Harry J. Fotinos has been responsible for managing the acquisition of thousands of lots for development opportunity and residential properties. Now at the head of his own company, H.J. Fotinos, Inc., he specialises in negotiations for undeveloped land acquisitions.

Prior to opening his brokerage firm, Fotinos has amassed more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry, touching on its many areas. Between 2014 and 2020, he served as a Senior Advisor for Sperry Commercial and Sperry Van Ness Renaissance; before that, he held various positions at KB Home for 17 years, including Senior Manager in Land Acquisition.


Today, Fotinos puts his years of industry experience to use as the CEO of his own company, H.J. Fotinos, Inc., which focuses on providing comprehensive consulting in real estate for buyers, sellers and developers alike. The firm offers a wide variety of services, including market research, acquisition opportunities, price analysis, feasibility study, contract negotiation, and overseeing transactions. Both buyers and sellers benefit from its dedication to client satisfaction and the extensive experience that is at the core of H.J. Fotinos, Inc.. Buyers entrust them with locating, analysing, and negotiating an acquisition that fulfils their intended business objectives, while sellers enjoy their expertise when it comes to pricing and advertising their assets effectively.

Among some of the acquisition opportunities the company currently offers, you can find:

Benton Street and Washington Street, Winchester, CA 92596

17+ acres in the commercial zone at the heart of the growing French Valley, where thousands of new properties have been developed in the last 15 years. The Winchester 1800 Specific Plan, which includes this land, is approaching completion.

Simpson Road at Dawn Lane, Winchester, CA 92596 and Benton Street and Washington Street, Winchester, CA 92596

Three of four properties with a 128-lot, approved Tentative Map, TM33700, in a developing area just next to the quickly appreciating Pleasant Valley community.   EG