One to make anyone hungry, Dubai’s underwater bar and restaurant, Ossiano, is located at Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, and is the most expensive restaurant in the city. The eatery offers guests a luxurious and elegant dining experience that includes breath-taking views of the Ambassador Lagoon right from the table says Shannon Berkley.

Located on the ambitious man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, the venue specialises in seafood delicacies. Known to be a place where fine dining is suffused with artistic brilliance, Ossiano is a romantic’s ideal setting, as the marriage of intimacy, exquisite culinary dishes and the other-worldliness of staring out into deep water, all combine for a genuinely enchanting experience.


Although a diverse and all-encompassing menu awaits diners, seafood seems almost a natural choice as guests are surrounded by deep blue water. Seafood surprises, twists and even more surprises await first-time visitors at this dynamic venue of culinary innovation. If ever there was a restaurant on earth in which to truly investigate the extent and tastiness of seafood, Ossiano is it.

Full of warm glows and azure blues, Ossiano is famous worldwide for its bold and extensive selection of mouth-watering seafood delicacies. Service is abundant and quick, yet couples seeking untroubled intimacy should say so beforehand. The view from within the underwater kitchen bar is part Cupid, part appetiser, and part pure magical charm. 

Recognised as one of the world’s top chefs, Chef de Cuisine Gregoire Gerber has become globally renowned for his wholesale rejuvenation of traditional dishes, while virtually composing an entire seafood menu of novel-twist dishes single-handedly. Famous for arranging set menus of several courses, the seafood menu options in particular are an exquisite journey into the Head Chef’s own imaginings of a delicious meal. 


Gregoire Berger is a singular talent, and patrons are typically divided between those who have come to witness the stunning views, and those who know what sumptuous eating is all about. Diehard foodies flock to the venue, and Berger never disappoints. 

There are indeed less intimidating and almost affordable al la carte meal options, but dedicated food connoisseurs will want to wade through the Ossiano Experience Menu as it is a journey into paradise for the discerning palate.

If the ambiance generated by floating sharks and stingrays isn’t sufficiently impressive, the incredibly ornate presentation of dishes will be. Berger has a penchant for cooking with flowers — a huge number of dishes served at Ossiano contain florals. If they haven’t been skilfully incorporated into a dish, flowers are likely to frame it ornately in a garland.   E