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An Interview with Steven Shelton
Broker-Owner, Acadia Realty Group

Our interview with STEVEN SHELTON, Broker-Owner at Acadia Realty Group, highlights one of Maine’s notable real estate firms assisting customers with passionate drive and integrity within Hancock and Washington Counties. Executive Global sit down to talk Mid Coast Maine luxury real estate with one of Bar Harbor’s most knowledgeable real estate professionals.

Executive Global: What is it about the Acadia Region that makes it such a wonderful place to live?   

Steven Shelton: The Acadia Region is such a spectacular place to call home or to make it your summer home. The dramatic coastline, quaint small villages and miles and miles of Carriage Roads and hiking in the park. It is a fantastic playground year round with some of the best views in the country in my opinion. The traffic is light and the trails are usually not crowded so it’s a great escape no matter what time of year

EG: What fundamental factors are key to successfully selling real estate at the maximum asking price in Maine? 

SS: To get the maximum asking price I believe it starts with the online presentation and print advertising to properly display the property. I’ve been using drones for years through different professional photographers that I am very pleased with and it shows with some of the properties not lasting long at all because of those presentations. 

EG: What advantages may Acadia Realty Group offer to clients when acting as a buyer agent?  

SS: We have 23 agents with a wide variety of expertise and a wide variety of their own listings. I have agents I can match up to certain areas that they specialise in so we give basically first hand knowledge to the areas in and around our region. 

EG: How would you compare the three real estate markets within Ellsworth, Acadia and Bar Harbor for living and investing? 


SS: Ellsworth is a great year round community with great shopping and hospital and it pulls from the entire area from about 25 miles south to 75 miles from the north so it’s a great hub. Bar Harbor is essentially a tourist town now, but with the virus this last year they will most likely have to change their approach and hopefully will return to a little more of a year round community but it’s a great place to live and raise a family as well. I grew up in that town and had a great experience there. Acadia encompasses Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Tremont and basically the entire Mount Desert Island area so all of the towns are included there. The Southwest Harbor side is a little more of a sleeper town that has great shops and restaurants and a little slower pace than Bar Harbor.

EG: You also have a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. How may this additionally be of particular advantage to affluent retirees and people looking to relocate to Maine? 

SS: We have plenty of agents that can help out with seniors and there are some great senior developments but we also sell mostly stand alone homes or condos to seniors depending on what they are looking for. 

EG: With over 15 years experience in the market, how important is exemplary customer service to a successful career in real estate?  

SS: Customer Service is very important and we take great pride in always making sure we keep everyone satisfied in the transaction to the best of our ability. If anything goes wrong we are great problem solvers and if we need further assistance we have great resources to help with any issue that may come up. It is always our preference to have a totally smooth transaction where both sides feel grateful when finished. 

EG: What is the highest real estate deal you have ever closed and what factors lead to your success in this transaction? 

SS: My highest is only $4,125,000 but have done a few in the $3M range also where I have represented both buyer and seller and it is extremely gratifying when you can represent both sides of such an important transaction and have both people happy with your services.

EG: What can Ultra High Net Worth Individuals look forward to when being represented by you? 

SS: I work tirelessly until I find the perfect property for the buyers I work with and sometimes it takes years even to find that perfect property. When representing sellers I do my very best to give it the highest exposure I can online and in print so people can make an intelligent decision if the property is right for them.   EG