In 2013, Pirmin Giger and Silvan Kung turned their hobby into a profession. They initially started with 3 prototype guitars, and have been conquering new markets worldwide since then. 

After deciding to become incorporated business partners, they founded Relish Brothers Inc. In 2017, they will be changing location and restablishing our base due geographical bottlenecks. This means a total investment of over 100,000 CHF is required, which will be reinvested in a new spray room, machine room, workbenches, guitar showroom, and much more.

Relish Brothers recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on and are currently seeking sponsorship contributions to expand the business. The company would be highly appreciative of contributions that would further facilitate the production of high quality customized  guitars to the global marketplace.

Any amount of investment through this channel would be greatly appreciated and this platform will help finance company growth. All investors with Relish Brothers will be very proud participants in the next generation of high quality Swiss musical instrument manufacturing, to become a Relish Brother also, and they will always be remembered with their donation listed in the Relish workshop. The company would kindly welcome potential customers to visit, so they will have access to a guided tour of the swiss production line where Relish Brothers work hard to deliver the best instruments worldwide.

The proceeds for the entire crowdfund campaign will be 100% invested into the setup of our new production in Lucerne. We are greatful that there is such a strong demand in the market for Swiss made guitars, but being a young company, external sources of financing are also needed. Therefore Relish Brothers are open to fellow musicians and music lovers who want to contribute to one of the most exciting Swiss instrument manufacturers in the market. We provide guitars not only to numerous well-known artists and talented unknown artists, but also support foundations like Playing For Change, who bring children off of the street and into school through music and community projects.

Relish Brothers wish to inspire musicians worldwide with a revolutionary new way of producing electric guitars. How did this all start you may ask? Well fifteen years ago, Silvan inspired Pirmin to play the guitar, and six years later Pirmin showed Silvan how to build a guitar. Both individuals have aqcuired a varied range of skills and education; Pirmin is a carpenter and industrial designer, and Silvan has a career in business, with their complimentary skills and strong passion for music connecting them ever since. So the conclusion was to create a unique brand of guitars, showcasing the finest in Swiss quality instrument manufacturing to the world. Since 2013, the company has gone from strength to strength, taking onboard even more staff for the production of our high end guitars.

Every day we work with a diligent and uncompromising passion to deliver the finest in Swiss quality musical instrument manufacturing to guitarists worldwide, and we look forward to providing the same high quality service the Swiss are renowned for.