IoT goes Asset Management

An Interview with Hanno Schoklitsch
CEO - Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Our special interview on Productivity with HANNO SCHOKLITSCH, CEO and Founder at Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH,
explores the potential of digitalization within renewable energy, as Executive Global talk with the pioneer facilitating the management
of wind and solar assets for investors looking to sustainably maximise the ROE and minimise investment risk.

''Investors have to define their digital strategy as this is the key element for the efficient management and organisational setup in the future.''

EG: What are the fundamental characteristics that comprise a well-diversified portfolio?


Hanna Schoklitsch: Using the capabilities of digital platforms aggregating the technical and financial data to perform Smart Data Analytics with the goal to maximise returns and to minimise risks across asset classes, regions and countries. This will be key for investor being successful in the future, by the way financing banks need to follow this digital route as well recognising the upcoming changes in the energy markets.


EG: How do you utilise Predictive Analytics to productively benefit clients and what impact will this have on the renewable sector?

HS: Predictive Analytics identifies potential risk at an early stage and therefore impacts on the P&L can be avoided by analysing the information carried by data.

EG: What advantages does your expertise in heading the second biggest German open-ended real estate with a portfolio of €9.0 billion, bring to new clients?


HS: The basics of performing a high efficient portfolio management came from my prior life in the real estate sector, which then has been transferred to the renewable energies and enriched with the amazing capabilities of digitalisation. Now as a DaaS (Data as a Service) Enertech company we are running the show and the real estate sector could learn a lot from us.

EG: How has your background as a civil engineer with expertise in hydro power construction deepened your insight? 


HS: This education has given me the technical understanding of constructing and operating real assets, which is a great advantage as decisions are based on technical know-how, furthermore you learn the hands-on approach at its best. A Master in Business of course is needed to understand the financial world and its requirements.

EG: Tell us about your ROI driven approach with the ARISTOTELES digital platform. 

HS: Maximising the return is the most important thing which will be achieved by ARISTOTELES our Internet of Things (IoT) platform and the implemented algorithms permanently watching the power generation and the P&L regardless if the assets are placed in Europe, US, Asia, Africa or LATAM.

EG: What are the typical attributes of the most productive, successful portfolio managers?

HS: You may watch this at:

EG: What macroeconomic trends do you see in the world of sustainable energy in the next 10 years? 

HS: An incredible decade is coming up as we need to invest trillions to reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. The private capital has to be convinced to invest also in emerging markets and this will only be achieved by putting digital platforms like ARISTOTELES in place, which are minimising investment risks and achieving highest transparency.

EG: How can the full potential of renewable energy investments be productively harnessed by investors? 

HS: AInvestors have to define their digital strategy as this is the key element for an efficient management and organisational set-up in the future. Besides this only the capabilities of digitalisation and Smart Data Analytics will lead them to maximise the return on equities invested in renewable energy assets. And only those once who are maximising returns by using the digital approach will finally be successful.   EG