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World's Finest Audio Systems - The Model D Steinway Lyngdorf

Although not always available, cutting edge, avant-garde stereo and home theatre systems are always fascinating. The ”Model D” system from Steinway Lyngdorf that is one of the most impressive models nowadays, reports Oliver Taylor.

World-famous American piano maker Steinway & Sons is responsible for developing the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D. The company was originally founded in 1853 with a focus on pianos, before evolving into the Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. enterprise in 1995. In 2005, Lyngdorf and Steinway & Sons worked together to produce the ultimate music system, putting an emphasis on both the sound and the design of the product. This led to the creation of several music systems as well as home theatres. In creating the Model D, Peter Lyngdorf’s motto has been: ”The reason we can achieve such fantastic results is that we have been able to rethink everything. Everything.”

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model D system blends innovative ideas and Steinway’s famously high-quality finish in a way that has never been done before. The system consists of two open-faced speakers that are rather tall, or should we even say - majestic: 206mm high. Despite the obvious advantages of not compressing the air mass and reducing it behind the cone, as well as the creation of what appears to be a spherical sound wave that provides a surround soundstage and ease of sound, very few companies choose to use the same open design because the complexity of implementation often outweighs the benefits…But not Model D!

The high-frequency driver in ”Model D” speakers is the Hale transducer (named after its creator), though it is more commonly referred to as a ”Air Motion Transformer ‘ (AMT). With this system, Steinway Lyngdorf were able to eliminate the problematic parts by implementing forward-thinking solutions, resulting in a product that is truly one of a kind. Each speaker has two 800-watt digital amplifiers incorporated into its frame, which is made of a single piece of aluminium. A massive yet aesthetically pleasing Master Unit sits on the floor and houses the system’s switching and control circuits. The patented RoomPerfect sound correction system, which the manufacturer claims is the world’s most advanced of its kind, is contained in the central Master Unit in addition to the CD player. The speakers are controlled by RoomPerfect in a way that maximises the effect in every space, while taking into account the room’s acoustics.

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model D, which is the company’s flagship product, is truly a sound reproduction masterpiece. This system was developed specifically for music fans with the highest expectations. The Model D is the world’s first and best fully digital integrated sound system, and it combines groundbreaking technology with stunning design.

The Model D is a fully digital system in the sense that all sound signal processing is carried out entirely in the digital domain, rendering it completely immune to analog sound quality loss. Unlike analog systems, which unavoidably impart their own quirks to the sound, the all-digital Model D reproduces the sound exactly as it is, smoothly and with exceptional fidelity, giving the impression of a live concert performance. The entire system runs at 400 kHz and 24-bit resolution to drive the most information possible from the source, be it an external input signal or the signal from the built-in CD player, which digitally increases in frequency and dimension to the system’s specifications.

The Model D is the pinnacle of power and excellence. Each pair of Model D stereo systems includes two speakers arranged in a dipole configuration. Each speaker frame’s central component, a one-piece cast aluminium panel, weighs 174 pounds. The panel-mounted drive units are completely stable thanks to this cabinet design, which also guarantees reliable synchronisation of sound and signal. The two directions that sound is emitted are forward and backward. Free from the vibration of traditional cabinets, the speakers interact with the room in the same way that Steinway & Sons pianos do. The sound produced by the speaker system is devoid of any resonance or distortion, and it has been described as having an incredibly open and musical quality.

The stereo setup consists of the Model D Head Unit, a CD player, stereo processor with RoomPerfect acoustic correction technology, an all-digital amplifier with a built-in digital-to-analog converter, and two solid-looking floorstanders. The Model D establishes the benchmark for all other Steinway Lyngdorf models, thanks to the kind of equipment it has and the finest quality components it uses.

The Model D, which is a world-famous masterpiece and a legend in its own right, is finished in a standard black lacquer to complement the appearance of exquisite Steinway & Sons pianos. At the same time, in order to cater to a range of specific preferences, every single Model D speaker is offered with the option of a one-of-a-kind bespoke finish in either fine woods or a selection of colours of grand piano lacquer, and the metal elements can either be gold-plated or chrome-plated.

Over 170 hours of precise manufacturing and close to eight weeks of hand assembly are required to produce a single Model D speaker. The highly-skilled artisans’ application of methods that have stood the test of time guarantees that every component of the system satisfies the most rigorous standards pertaining to the quality of the craftsmanship.

And, of course, its P200 surround sound processor allows you to include the Model D into your home theatre setup.


The Model D Head Unit, which stands just over one meter tall and provides complete control over the Model D stereo system in its distinctive design, is a testament to the company personnel’s renowned craftsmanship.

The strong structure of the built-in CD player, which weighs 4 kilograms, is matched by a loading mechanism that is 6 millimetres thick and a large aluminium disc drive unit. These elements work together to form a center unit that is dependable and amazingly steady. A decoupling mechanism has been integrated into the drive of the CD player; this system works to reduce vibrations and ensure that it is in full capacity for accurate reading. It does an excellent job at playing music of all kinds of genres and precisely reproduces bass that has a rich and tight sound.

A distinctive representation of the Steinway Lyngdorf trademark is the volume control that was originally designed like a wheel. It is fashioned from a
1 kg bar of gold-plated brass and is both brilliant and tactile. It is mounted on Swiss bearings that have been skilfully milled on high-precision machinery. The Model D Head Unit matches the Model D speakers and complements the overall design in terms of high quality finish and matching colour.


The luxurious round remote control, which also serves as the Model D Head Unit’s volume control, strikes the ideal balance between form and function. Brilliant and satisfying to the touch, the Model D System Remote Control is crafted from a one kilogram bar of brass that has been plated with 24 karat gold. It is then mounted on Swiss bearings that have been meticulously polished using precision machinery. This tiny masterpiece perfectly balances sophistication, originality, and usability.

In addition, Steinway Lyngdorf provides specialised versions of remote controls for the major modules, which can be purchased together with Model D and Model C speakers, or for the P200 processor, which is the foundation of the surround sound system’s framework and is offered separately. The remote control is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, which allows the user to have complete control over the Steinway Lyngdorf system. Additionally, the RF operating system allows the user to have dependable and consistent access.

Seeing as it takes into account the acoustics of the room and controls the movement of the speakers with such precision, the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D may sound incredibly realistic even when the volume is turned down quite a bit, despite the fact that it has extraordinary power and is capable of playing exceptionally loud.

Regardless of the space in which the future owner of a Model D system decides to put the speakers, he or she can rest assured that the system will provide nothing short of extraordinary results.

The components for the system are made in factories that are located in both Germany and Denmark. The production of a single set of the ”Model D” takes the meticulous labour of highly skilled artisans for a period of four months. The base colour is a black lacquer, but it may be customised to be any other colour or wood finish of your liking. The Steinway Lyngdorf Model D was made available for purchase in 2007 and originally cost $150,000 USD. However, in 2014, that price had climbed up to $228,000.   EG

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