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faithwilson | Christie's International Real Estate

Faith Wilson - University of Hard Knocks

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Faith Wilson
Founder and CEO, faithwilson | Christie's International Real Estate 
An interview with Faith Wilson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, faithwilson | Christie's International Real Estate


Our special interview on Canada’s Property Broker profiles the rise of FAITH WILSON, Founder and CEO of faithwilson | Christie's International Real Estate, a full-service boutique real estate brokerage specialising in the buying, marketing and selling of homes in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Executive Global discussed luxury real estate for Ultra High Net Worth clients with the award-winning British Columbia property
brokerage that has successfully closed in excess of $1.65 Billion in residential real estate sales. 

Faith Wilson CV



Vancouver, British Columbia


University of Hard Knocks


2022 Established a headquarters in Kelowna, British Columbia.

2017 Faith Wilson Realty Group became affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate, an iconic 250 year old brand.

2016 Received a Lifetime Award for being in the top 10% of Realtors in the REBGV, now for over 26 years.

2014 Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate awarded Faith Wilson for Significant Sale 2014 for the sale of The Mayfair.

2011 Opened the doors to our new brokerage Faith Wilson Realty Group.

1995 Top 10% of realtors in the Lower Mainland and each additional year to present day.

Canada's Property Broker

EG: What would you say are the fundamental elements that make the Westside of Vancouver such a desirable place to live? 

Faith Wilson: The fundamental elements of the Westside are two-fold. First, the natural beautiful scenic backdrop of mountain, water, forest, and fresh air is rare in the world. Secondly, it is a beautiful city that is intertwined with diversity and culture that resonates with so many different people. It captures the imagination of many people abroad when examining where they would like to immigrate to. Great schools, great restaurants and lifestyle, and safe neighbourhood makes it an attractive and desirable place to live. Once people move here, they also realise how convenient it is with shorts drives to the airport, many local restaurants, groceries, and shopping centres, it really is a beautiful place to live. 

EG: There is a famous statement that says ‘Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate, and wait.’ To what extent do you agree here? 

FW: I would agree with that. Timing the market is always a difficult thing to do. There are certain factors that may be on the horizon that affects the market one way or another but ultimately, we never really know. Take Covid for example, our properties were in high demand, coupled with short supply, that raised the prices. If we look at it from a long term perspective, which real estate is often a long term play, we make our best decisions with the current market conditions and we move forward. Real estate in Vancouver, from what we discussed earlier, is a desirable destination
and the natural scenic landscape - that also to a certain extent hems Vancouver in - is not changing and with limited supply and demand, the market churns. 


EG: And with interest rates at unprecedented historic lows, why might now be the absolute best time to get into Vancouver real estate? 

FW: Interest rates, as you said, are at unprecedented historic lows, which means they can’t really get any lower, and in fact it appears they are rising. That being said, even with a small increase it only exemplifies that now is a great time to get into the Vancouver market. Money is cheap to borrow, and Vancouver, the Okanagan and Whistler and Blackcomb Resorts are on the world map.

EG: You were inducted as a lifetime member of the Medallion Club, an honour bestowed only upon realtors performing at the top of their field for over two decades. What productivity enhancing measures do you take to ensure you
remain in the top 10% of successful agents? 

FW: I fiIt comes from being consistent and ensuring that I take care of my daily non negotiables from a business standpoint. Even more importantly, this is a relationship driven business and the most important aspect is making sure the clients and people that I work with are taken care of. It is about ensuring that they are receiving the best of service and
letting them know that I truly care about them. 

The Most Expensive Property In British Columbia

EG: You sold the most expensive property in British Columbia in 2018. What factors remain consistently evident in the successful marketing and sale of a luxury property? 

FW: Superb visuals and storytelling coupled with an exceptional and comprehensive marketing plan that encompasses a global experience, and networking. Too, tenacious follow up on all potential leads, no stone unturned.

EG: And having successfully closed more than a whopping $1.65+ Billion in residential real estate sales, what would you say is the key to success in this market and why do some luxury property brokerage firms succeed where others fail?

FW: There isn’t one key to success; success is built upon, by demonstrating consistency in integrity, focus and commitment, keeping abreast of valid marketing trends and doing good work for your clients. It also means staying on top of changes in the market, having a basic understanding of the world order and how global events may impact our local market. Ultimately, it is all about the relationship, building trust, being discreet and, doing your best to achieve your clients’ goals.

EG: With 30 years of experience and thousands of negotiations under your belt now, if you could advise a young 18 year old agent on how to succeed, what would your advice be and why?

FW:  Choosing being a Real Estate Advisor as a career is very rewarding, it is also a tough job. There is a lot to learn and ensuring you keep your client informed and safe is super important. Interview brokerages and the management, and choose one that offers some mentorship, provides training, and has a hands on managing broker. Keep a positive attitude, time block your day, and ask lots of questions of those at your office. Buddy up with those at your office to host open house events and meet new clients. Take other more experienced agents out for coffee, and pick their brains, most realtors love to help. Again the key is engaging people and creating relationships with people who have a real estate need that you can help them with. Always be looking for opportunities. Remember that this is a career that is built upon, it doesn’t just happen overnight, so choose this career for the long term.

EG: Your name is now synonymous with luxury real estate in Vancouver. How do you feel your vast knowledge and experience have enabled you to build such a strong brand in this market?  

FW: One always requires a certain tenacity and focus, and attention to the details. This, backed by integrity and having my clients’ best interests at heart is what builds a business. Too, reputation is key, and discretion is key. Then having the marketing capabilities to expose their properties to the most relevant potential purchasers in an elegant and story telling manner is what pulls the purchasers in.

EG: Tell us more about the beautiful Four Hearts Ranch listing you have on the market in South Cariboo? 


FW: Four Hearts Ranch is a stellar, one of a kind property. 6,000 acres, 8 homes, one estate home, and beautiful lakes. And a state of the art equestrian centre. The land itself is magical. We took video and photos at different seasons to capture the essence of what it is like to actually experience life at the ranch, it was really rewarding to put this together for our client. You can learn more about this amazing property at

EG: How does being an early adopter of digital, mobile and multi-lingual marketing techniques as one of the only brokerages in Vancouver with the ability to offer clients the in-house support of a full service marketing agency, differ from the usual process with other property brokerages?  

FW: For us, as a brokerage, as with our clients, we want to ensure that our agents have the best possible support and that means staying cutting edge in our offering to them as well. We have an in-house listings concierge and a world class in-house marketing team as well, that our agents can take advantage of a strong management team at their service.

EG: And as one of the pre-eminent experts in this field, what are some of the key things home sellers can do to make their properties more marketable?

 We are very sensory creatures, so ensuring that we play to our senses, means that a home is spacious and uncluttered, clean, and is easy to understand. This starts from the moment someone drives up to the home: from the boulevard to the front door, everything is an experience, so we want to showcase the home in its’ absolute best light.


EG: With a long line of testimonials and satisfied homeowners, what can High Net Worth clients expect when being represented by you? 

FW: High net worth clients understandably expect a high level of service, detail, care, attention, and most importantly, confidentiality and discretion. We make sure that their properties get the marketing and attention they deserve and we put these properties in front of other high net worth individuals. Follow up is key and we ensure that our clients are always kept apprised as we move through the selling experience.   EG

Faith Wilson
Executive Recommendations


Have an over-arching plan - execute with diligence and consistency. 


Current company analysis, creation of plan to grow.


Profitability in business is a simple equation: income versus expense.

Faith Wilson

» Awarded Best Project Marketing BC and Best Real Estate Agency Website for The Americas by the International Property Awards.

» Awarded Best Real Estate Agency Brokerage British Columbia – Single Office by the International Property Awards.

» Received a 5 Star Real Estate Agent award for Providing Exceptional and Overall Client Satisfaction.

» Awarded Best Brokerage In Canada by the International Property Awards.

» Company surpassed 1.65 Billion in sales.

Faith Wilson is the founder of faithwilson | Christie's International Real Estate, and is a REALTOR® with about 30 years of experience. In 2016 Faith was inducted as a Lifetime Member of the Medallion Club, by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Proof of dedication to the industry, this honour is earned by Realtors® who perform in the top 10% of all REBGV Realtors® for at least twenty years. This honour is earned by Realtors® who perform in the top 10% of all REBGV Realtors® for at least twenty years. For more information, please visit:

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