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Amber Kelleher-Andrews - The American Conservatory Theater

Kelleher International
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Amber Kelleher-Andrews
Co-Founder and CEO, Kelleher International
An interview with Amber Kelleher Andrews, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kelleher International


Our special interview on The Love Broker with AMBER KELLEHER-ANDREWS, President & CEO of Kelleher International, Inc, takes an exclusive look behind the operation of the relationship experts with a core philosophy designed around connecting people on purpose
and finding the dream partners for tycoons, moguls and celebrities. Executive Global gains a fundamental insight into why this renowned leader in elite matchmaking to some of the most distinguished and interesting people in the world, is the absolute first choice in finding love for high net worth individuals

Amber Kelleher-Andrews CV



California, United States


Cal State at Santa Barbara


2022 Opening up our new KI Social Club

2012 Created our Philanthropic branch with special curated events

2001 Began our expansion with locations in New York/Dallas/Arizona - eventually taking us International

2000 Promoted to CEO of Kelleher International 

1998 I became partners with my Mother, Jill Kelleher

1997 Opened up our second location in Beverly Hills, California

1995 Worked for my mother Jill as her receptionist

The Love Broker

EG: As head of the world's most successful, award-winning matchmaking company that has dominated the industry for decades, why is it critical for accomplished executives who have prospered in many other areas of life but remain unsuccessful in finding true love, to work closely with a reputable professional matchmaking firm? 

Amber Kelleher-Andrews: If I asked a Kelleher client this question they would say; “I never thought this to be a critical decision before, but then I kept choosing the wrong person, so in retrospect, I should have called you sooner.” It’s difficult to find lasting love on your own and yet it is an essential emotion that we all need in our lives. No one should be spared from feeling love or being loved by another. Life is beautiful, but when you are able to find the right partner to share it with, it’s even more beautiful. Kelleher International is a boutique matchmaking firm that represents the world's most accomplished single men and women. Our exclusive community of high net worth individuals is unsurpassed and what makes them even more exceptional is that they are looking for love. Retaining our services is one of the most important decisions they can make. As a matchmaker for over three decades I can tell you from experience that the love one feels in life directly depends on who one chooses to share their life with. Because of this, accomplished professionals don’t leave it up to chance. Working with Kelleher in particular gives one a huge advantage over random dating, because we curate highly qualified individuals to meet, saving precious time, energy and money. 

EG: Tell us about your unique personalised approach and how it continues to successfully enable you to pair the world's most distinguished, powerful, and busy people with the partner of their dreams?

AKA: At Kelleher we work diligently as a team across the globe constantly vetting and screening candidates for our members. With thousands of new submissions each month, our goal is to hand-select eligible individuals that yield positive qualities and those whom we feel match well within our existing community.

EG: You have set the gold standard in upscale professional matchmaking since 1987. How do you continue to raise the bar to remain the global leader at the top of your game today?

AKA: Kelleher is the ‘original’ matchmaking company. In the ’80s, when my mom first opened our doors, people thought we made matchbook covers. We have come a long way. As a company now in the 21st century, we continue to raise the bar when it comes to finding the one because this is a core value at Kelleher. As CEO, I wake up asking myself this very question and I believe this process alone is a great exercise for all business owners to go through. Having vision is important, taking risks whenever possible, pushing the envelope and staying optimistic is key. I also believe that being a family business that enjoys the opportunity to bring love to others is amazing. This joy for what we do has truly carried us for three decades and I feel as though we have just begun!

Connecting People With A Purpose

EG: And having met your husband through the agency, how may your clients find Kelleher International membership to be absolutely indispensable to both their personal, and professional lives? 

AKA: As much as I would like to be an example of a Kelleher love story, I have never dated my clients and don’t feel that would be ethical. I actually met my amazing husband 32 years ago at work when I lived in Los Angeles and was in the film industry. We have been in love and happily married ever since with 3 beautiful children. I try to lead by example and know first hand how important a loving partner is in your life and I wish this for everyone that comes to Kelleher.

EG: With thirteen offices established globally, what are the ways in which your international presence may be particularly useful in delivering additional value to elite travellers who live in multiple cities?

AKA: Due to the high calibre of clientele that we work with, many have multiple homes both within the US and in Europe. They fly by private Jet and can therefore meet anyone anywhere. Having representatives and boots on the ground in most of these major cities worldwide, allows us to meet these eligible singles face to face as part of the all important vetting process.

EG: How has building what is now the largest and most successful matchmaking firm in the United States, deepened your insight into the principal similarities and differences between successful businesses and marriages?

AKA: Interesting question. There are many similarities between successful businesses and successful marriages. Both need attention to detail and should not be taken for granted. Nourishing both is what makes life easier and rewarding. The more involved, creative and inventive the better the business and/or marriage. Do your employees love what they do and do they feel appreciated? Are they involved in the decisions and the growth of the company? In a marriage, involvement and making decisions together, having time to listen to each other, and showing appreciation makes for a successful marriage. Differences are found in how we approach the above similarities. My mom always says, “a happy wife is a happy life”. Same with your business, “happy employees, happy business.”

EG: The relationship business is not just about profit. You are also fundamentally changing people's lives for the better. What have you learned about giving back to the community from fellow visionary, pioneer, and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson? 

AKA: Somewhere inside all of us is a desire to connect and contribute. So there is much that matchmaking and philanthropy share and that is what I enjoy building on. My mother Jill Kelleher taught me the value and joy of giving. Even when we had little money, we were always striving to connect with and help others. As our family matchmaking firm expanded over the years, I was also mentored by many of our accomplished clients who have started and/or supported various philanthropic causes around the world. I wanted to learn from, and emulate these remarkable people. My challenge, in doing so, was to rethink, redesign and look at our business as a driving force for good. After all, we hold the most remarkable clientele globally who are passionate about life. Coupled with a low carbon footprint, no manufacturing facilities or vast numbers of people to employ, the light bulb went off. I was inspired to match my clients with passion projects. I began to challenge them to rethink their own businesses. It has actually had a huge impact that is now entering its tenth year. Collectively, Kelleher clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for impactful projects that make a significant difference in the world, with the humble goal of leaving this planet better than we found it.

EG: Having developed an exemplary reputation for connecting the well-to-do, what is the most challenging thing you experience when working with busy, high-powered tycoons who can have- and can afford it all?

AKA: The challenge is to get our clientele to approach a “love relationship” differently than they might approach a business relationship. Just because you are successful in one relationship this doesn’t transfer over. Working for tycoons and business moguls of the world, this reality can be a hard thing to hear and even more difficult to accept. However, the exciting part of this journey in working with Kelleher is that once you do learn the subtle differences, the floodgates open up and the right person can come to you in record time.

EG: As one of America's most successful female entrepreneurs and global matchmaking leaders, what would you say to inspire the next generation of women who may have a passion for entrepreneurship?

AKA: I guess I would say that it is important to love what you do and to find a way to always improve on it. There should never be a ceiling. Being a good listener is always important, be open to constructive feedback and keep your visions alive and nurtured. Don’t take no for an answer-ever. For each step back, expect to spring forward and don’t lose sight of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

EG: Being The Love Broker to the world's rich and famous who can have any partner they so desire, what have you identified about the individual men and women that truly make them stand out among the crowd as exceptional long-term prospects for your members? 

AKA: Kelleher specialises in exceptional singles. What makes them the exception is a list of qualities and characteristics that we look for when onboarding new members. First and foremost, they must be realistic with who they are and who they see themselves with. While this seems simplistic, you would be surprised how rare self awareness is. On-line dating profiles for example, are riddled with fake profiles, gold diggers and unrealistic people desperately searching for love. In stark contrast, Kelleher clients are emotionally aware because they have done work on themselves. 

EG: With a proven track record of positive testimonials, thousands of marriages and happy relationships later, what can successful business moguls, entrepreneurs, investors and High Net Worth individuals look forward to when working with you? 

AKA: Clients of Kelleher can look forward to an extraordinary experience because they will be connected with some of the world’s most eligible singles. We also transform lives through purposeful connection and love and these transformations are unique to each member. We offer tailored coaching packages with life plans addressing health, wellness, business and of course, your love life. We cannot guarantee ultimate success for everyone when it comes to finding your ultimate match but if you come in with an open mind, join us on our events, are optimistic and allow us to learn together with each introduction, it works. And you will in no doubt have a lot of fun along the way!   EG

Amber Kelleher-Andrews
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Manage your business. Manage your growth. Always Innovate.


Core values. Flexibility. Adaptability.


Stay ahead of the game with weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial goals. Know your competition.

Amber Kelleher-Andrews

» Continuously reinventing the company to roll with world changes such as 9/11, the recession and Covid.

» Most of all, bringing tens of thousands of people together in LOVE.

» Recognised for being best in class in A-list press and media outlets.

» Created core values that resonate with true love and purpose.

» Consistent growth year after year.

Amber Kelleher-Andrews is an internationally renowned relationship expert, professional matchmaker, TV Personality, film producer, and philanthropy enthusiast. She is the CEO of global matchmaking firm, Kelleher International. Founded in 1987, Kelleher International continues to set the gold standard today for upscale personalized matchmaking in a billion-dollar industry. For further information, please visit:

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