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APiS North America, LLC

Dr. Lynn Johnson, PharmD - Nova Southeastern University

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Dr. Lynn Johnson
President and Co-Founder, APiS North America, LLC
An interview with Dr. Lynn Johnson, President & Co-Founder, APiS North America, LLC

Our exclusive interview on Safety Process Analysis with Dr. Lynn Johnson, President and Co-Founder of APiS North America, LLC, examines the impact of Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA), Functional Safety and Risk Analysis for business, as Executive Global take an exclusive look behind the operation of an innovative company revolutionising how clients leverage FMEAs within their risk management
and functional safety, to improve their products and processes with high quality software products, expert training and consulting. 

Dr. Lynn Johnson CV



United States


Nova Southeastern University


2016 Currently President APiS North America

2011 Vice President of Telepharmacy and Pharmacy Management, Indispensable Healthcare

2007 Director of Pharmacy and Nursing, Advanced Care

2004 Director of Pharmacy, Personal Home Care

2000 Pediatric Clinical Coordinator, Broward General Medical Center

2000 Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree with Highest Honours

1995 Clinical Pharmacist, Broward General Medical Center

Safety Process Analysis

EG: During these challenging times, why is it more important now than ever, for companies to have robust and effective Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA) processes in place?

Dr Lynn Johnson: At APiS North America, LLC, we have endured the challenge and made operational changes in response. Preparation for a challenge, requires a plan that cannot fail. That is the APiS North America team’s mission. To provide solutions to companies that cannot have failure of a product design and manufacturing process. That could be a car’s brakes, a medical device, an OR team process, an autonomous system, a plane’s engine, or a child’s toy or crib. Not one of these has any room for failure or someone could be severely injured or worse.

A standout reason for the need for a robust FMEA is from the current COVID-19 testing production contamination crisis. Product design and manufacturing processes must always have an extensive and robust quality and analysis. In addition, the industry standards and requirements are rigorous and are based upon many years of intelligence. That cannot be bypassed, even for urgency, in any situation where the product and process cannot fail for the safety of the end user. The fact that in 2020, there were COVID-19 tests manufactured that were not in compliant facilities, had no regulatory oversight, and were discovered after the end users were exposed to contaminated tests, is appalling and a serious violation of all manufacturing best practices. The FMEA is in place as an integral part of the quality and safety program of all product development and manufacturing to ensure this very scenario does not happen! 

EG: What fundamental elements would you say set apart APiS® IQ-Software as the ‘gold standard’ for FMEA, Functional Safety and Risk Analysis, in ways that competitors do not emulate?

LJ: The IQ-Software is a robust program
that has been developed by APiS® Informationstechnologien GmbH along with the voice of its customers since 1992. It is trusted and highly regarding by global OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and manufacturers across many industries. The 7-step methodology of the IQ-Software aligns with required statistics, graphical interfaces, and analysis reports. It is an invaluable tool for companies who cannot have any failure of any product design or manufacturing or necessary process. During the global pandemic, we have seen processes that broke down throughout the system. No state or medical system was running a process that had been thoroughly assessed for areas of potential failure. This caused a lot of time, money, and manpower to correct, after the fact. The proactive and structure model methodology prevents teams from being blindsided by a potential failure of a product or process. It is a matter of life and death in industries across the globe.

EG: And how has incorporating the input of thousands of users to leverage a technically advanced product for APiS® IQ-Software, enabled you to improve efficacy and the quality of customer service to clients? 

LJ: The methodology of the IQ-Software has been implemented for global teams, due to it’s 29 language data interface and 11 language graphical user interface. With so many global locations, teams can develop FMEAs in their native language and it can then be translated to any other language necessary for that global location. This saves thousands of hours in manpower, with this capability alone. The network license is installed into a licensed end user company for access to teams with access to the shared network. This allows a location where the company’s teams are able to work with the IQ-Software simultaneously for efficiency and effectiveness. The management reports that the IQ-Software provides are the most fantastic way to keep leadership informed and up to date with the product design and process FMEAs.

EG: For companies that have ineffective Failure Mode Effective Analysis (FMEA) processes in place, how may their situation improve after integrating your systems?

LJ: The IQ-Software provides teams the ability to import existing FMEAs that are ineffective and find the areas in need of work and get them aligned, improved, and prepared for an audit. The is a large financial gain to a robust FMEA with the IQ-Software. The number of manpower hours necessary is decreased, the time necessary to work on and report on the FMEA is dramatically improved, there is significantly less waste in product and processes. Most importantly quality and safety are improved, known, documented, and reported. Risk Mitigation saves time, money, and lives with the best FMEA tool.

Effective Risk and Compliance Management 

EG: What are some of the greatest challenges associated with effective risk and compliance management?

LJ: Most of the time, the challenge is in the change for the people responsible to perform the FMEA. Change is always hard and the team at APiS North America knows that. This is why we have developed the solution in our IQ-Software training program. Our Vice President, Chad Johnson, and Program Manager, Anthony Rodriguez have worked together to combine Chad’s expert FMEA methodology, global team development, and over 20 years of IQ-Software experience and Anthony’s career in learning development and team facilitating. This combination, along with the fact that APiS North America offers the IQ-Software training in Spanish and English, provides teams the best FMEA tool implementation strategy for their quality and safety programs.

EG: How would you say that your background in technology business development in the healthcare industry has deepened your insight into the importance of attention to detail and quality engineering? 

LJ: My work as a Doctorate of Pharmacy and healthcare company leader for telepharmacy and pharmacy management, has been an integral part of the APiS North America strategy, culture, and team building. In pharmacy, we take an oath and that will always be part of who I am as a person and as a leader. My career was spent caring for others as if they were one of my own family members, along with have no room for failure. The technology background that I developed as part of this has provided a very solid relationship between me and our customers. I work with IT teams, provide IQ-Software Support, develop customer relationships to understand their need and how we will solve their issues to meet those needs. I work with our team to meet every customer’s objectives best. We are fortunate that Chad, Anthony, and I together, have built APiS North America, LLC to focus on customer service, the best and latest industry developments, and the most efficient and cost-effective way to develop teams to be best prepared for any challenge they face.

EG: You also have a Doctorate in Pharmacy, impressively earning the highest academic qualification for Class of 2000 graduates. How did the rigours of study at the highest levels of academia, help you to emerge as a global leader at the forefront of healthcare technology?

LJ: Thank you for the lead in to my introduction. It is very kind and appreciated. My Doctorate of Pharmacy is the proudest accomplishment my education journey and it provided me a lot of preparation for this. The rigorous schedule and clinical training were most invaluable to the 20 years that have followed. I have worked every leadership position I have held with the same vigour I used during my doctoral program. For anyone who has obtained a post-graduate degree while also practicing at their career will understand this: once you work that hard, anything seems possible. I also have my undergraduate degree from the first pharmacy school in the country, so I have a lot of pride in being a pharmacist. And in 2020, women are the majority in pharmacy, which is another source of pride. This sense pride and determination are the backbone to what has helped me emerge as a global leader.

EG: With over 20,000 satisfied customers, what would you say it is that makes your online training special?

LJ: The APiS North America online training has been developed over the past 2 years, so this was great foresight for the current circumstances. We moved our confirmed, and upcoming, IQ-Software training, that were scheduled prior to the stay at home orders began, online without issue. Since then, we have trained, consulted, provided demonstrations, and continued our sales per our processes developed prior to the crisis phase for most companies. Because we had been providing virtual IQ-Software training, our processes were prepared to change to this way of training without great effort. For many companies, teams were also working at home, and having teams train, develop FMEAs, and develop processes to continue their projects. Our team was working continuously to support our current and new customers with current projects and implementation. It is not to say that there was no change, since so many were so greatly affected. We also supported them in any way we could that met their needs during the crises, since there was not only one occurring during the past several months.

EG: How did the experience of working within both the not-for-profit and the for-profit healthcare sector, later impact your career? 


LJ: I am very fortunate to have this unique opportunity within my healthcare career. The experience was very rewarding and humbling since there is great attention to finances in both the for-profit and the not-for-profit. How you managed the revenue in both is also of great value, so this developed my knowledge of attention to the financial aspect of organisations. APiS North America’s team knows that I pay very close attention to the financial growth, but with great attention on our company’s culture and its employees. They see what our company’s goals are and they know how we strategise to get there, so that the company stays financially healthy. Personally, this affects me to know that our for-profit business can support the needs of others and contribute to fundraising and participating in community not-for-profit organisations. It has been very rewarding for our team to participate, as a company, in community efforts.

EG: As an award-winning firm honoured for contributions to healthcare technology, what would you say is the secret to your continued success? 

LJ: APiS North America’s success has been the keen attention we pay to customer service and innovative ideas. We work with our parent company and the IQ-Software developer, APiS® Informationstechnologien GmbH, closely on behalf of our North American and South American customers. This provides feedback on IQ-Software features and functionality that the Americas’ customers have inquired about or requested. Since the IQ-Software has been developed by APIS® GmbH with the customers needs, this is important for the APiS North America customers. We intend to continue to work on behalf of our customers, best practices, and requirements and regulations.   EG

Dr Lynn Johnson
Executive Recommendations


Efficient process will always provide an increase in productivity!


Set goals, develop the strategy to achieve those goals.


Do not always focus on the profit alone.

Dr. Lynn Johnson

» Recipient of the 2020 Corporate Excellence Award by Corporate Vision Magazine

» Recipient of the 2019 Top 50 Healthcare Companies, awarded by the International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare

» Recipient of the 2019 Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers by Enterprise Security

» Leadership team of the World Economic Forum Advanced Manufacturing HUB (AMHUB) for North America

» Risk Management Panelist at the 2019 International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Lynn Johnson, PharmD, is President of APiS North America, LLC. Her career began as the Pediatric Clinical Coordinator and co-chair of the P&T Committee at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She obtained her Doctorate of Pharmacy and earned the Dean’s Award for Highest Academic Achievement Class of 2000. Prior to becoming President at APiS North America, LLC, Dr. Johnson was Vice President of Telepharmacy and Management Services for Indispensable Health, Inc. Dr. Johnson also received APiS North America’s Top 50 Healthcare Companies award for its contributions to healthcare:

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