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Danielle Vest - The School of Life

Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc
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Danielle Vest
Founder & Chief Executive, Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc
An interview with Danielle Vest, Founder & CEO, Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc.


Our special interview on Elite Luxury Cleaners with DANIELLE VEST, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc, highlights the stellar contribution of one of America’s pre-eminent commercial cleaning firms with an unwavering commitment to delivering clients with the cleanest and most presentable business establishments. Executive Global gains an exclusive insight into what it takes to become the
trusted and reliable cleaning solution for the luxury hospitality and commercial real estate industries.

Danielle Vest CV



Washington, United States


The School of Life


2022 Founded Preferred Supplies, LLC, providing equipment to startup janitorial companies.

2022 Founded Company Work Force LLC.

2022 Vice President, RAL Homes, LLC.

2017 COO, Gwynvestment Properties.

2015 Offered services to locations all over the West Coast (Washington, Texas, California, Utah, Montana, Oregon).

2015 Began cleaning one of the largest Hilton Hotels in Texas.

2015 Founded Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc. in Olympia, WA

2013 Founded She Can Clean.

Elite Luxury Cleaners

EG: Property brokerages like Compass, Sotheby’s International Realty, Christie’s International Real Estate and Coldwell Banker regularly showcase 10,000+ sq. ft. palatial estates. As Elite Luxury Cleaners, why may your company be a critical element in ensuring these homes look their absolute best at all times

Danielle Vest: It might seem that when dealing with a vast Colicial Estate that requires a luxury presentation, there would be unique cleaning and showcasing methods necessary to make it stand out from other properties. However, the reality is that our systematic approach and the exceptional training we provide to our employees ensure that every property is presented in a luxury manner and at its absolute best at all times. We maintain standardised and replicable processes to guarantee the highest quality. In the marketing of a cleaning company, it’s crucial to communicate clearly about our processes and staffing. By emphasising that everything is standardised and replicable, clients can expect consistently high-quality service. This assurance comes from our commitment to using top-of-the-line tools and maintaining the highest standards at all times.

Commercial Cleaning Pros

EG: How do the experiences of large commercial office, retail and construction cleaning, differ from that of industrial and warehouse cleaning, and what are the benefits of having a reliable firm serve as a ‘one stop-shop’ for a wide variety of commercial cleaning environments?

DV: The main differences arise from the daily use of these spaces, necessitating an adaptable cleaning approach based on the time and level of usage. The type of cleaning required depends on the specific dirt or debris, and while the cleaning processes themselves may be similar across all sectors, what distinguishes them is how cleaners navigate through the space and determine the service requirements. What sets us apart from other companies is our diversity and our in-depth understanding of the quality standards for cleaning in various commercial sectors, including warehouses, factories, and medical facilities. Each sector has its unique cleaning equipment and high-quality cleaning materials to ensure the highest standards. We recognise the distinctions between commercial estates, warehouses, and industrial settings,
and it is our diversity that makes us exceptional.

Employee Satisfaction

EG: You prioritise employee satisfaction, taking measures to retain hardworking and reliable staff. How significant of an impact does this have on the exemplary quality of service that has enabled you to emerge as one of the pre-eminent commercial cleaning firms in the nation?

DV: This is a fantastic opportunity to address a common issue in the cleaning industry, which is the challenge of high turnover. At our company, we place a high priority on our hardworking and dependable staff. We understand that by taking good care of them and providing thorough training, we equip them to excel in their roles and, in turn, share their satisfaction and happiness with their job. This approach not only benefits our staff but also ensures client satisfaction, as our well-cared-for team is motivated to provide exceptional service.

EG: What are some of the ways in which your team coordinate to achieve optimal results for clients in a manner that other cleaning firms completely miss?

DV: Communication is absolutely crucial. While many companies rely on emails and pictures to connect with their clients, we firmly believe in conducting walk-throughs and actively engaging with our clients. We encourage a collaborative approach, transforming the typical one-way communication into a meaningful dialogue. By meeting with our clients in person, we ensure that we understand and meet their needs to the best of our ability.

EG: What would you describe as the greatest challenges inherent in commercial construction cleaning and how you are able to remove the hassle of an otherwise troublesome task?

DV: When our company first began, we quickly realised that every General Contractor (GC) has unique cleaning needs within their work sectors. To best support them, we’ve learned to anticipate their requirements and proactively provide solutions. Whether they need additional staff on-site, more cleaning materials, or any unexpected help to maintain our cleaning quality, we aim to be ready. Sometimes, it’s as straightforward as following the scope of work within the set deadline or completing it ahead of schedule. Thanks to our standardised processes, it doesn’t matter where they start from because we can adapt to various scenarios and achieve the expected outcome.

EG: You are also an award-winning company, receiving notable accolades for your work. What kind of technologies do you employ that distinguishes a successful elite luxury cleaning firm like yours from that of the ordinary cleaning company in this industry?

DV: The influence of technology, especially robotics and AI, is substantial in the cleaning industry, and in many other industries as well. The rapid pace of technological advancements means we need to be cautious about choosing the right, up-to-date solutions. I’ve taken it upon myself to learn from experts in the field, delving into various factors to deeply understand which technologies genuinely contribute to industry transformation and which are merely temporary trends.


EG: Mentorship is also very important. What would you say to encourage the next generation of young female entrepreneurs who may have an eye for business?

DV: In the field of Manfields, education often involves trial and error. I firmly believe that knowledge is empowering. It’s essential to select your niche and immerse yourself in it. Engage with podcasts, attend networking events, seek guidance from mentors, and surround yourself with individuals you admire. Remember not to be the smartest person in the room. If you find yourself in that position, it’s time to seek out another group or community where you can continue to grow. Avoid getting trapped in your own ego and prioritise personal and professional development.

EG: As a company synonymous with trust and excellence in the commercial cleaning industry for over 20 years, how may your discipline and well-established track record save money and improve bottom-line profitability for future clients?

DV: Unexpected costs can be the most expensive challenge for companies. Our approach is to proactively manage and create predictable outcomes, ensuring our clients never face unexpected surprises. Over our extended partnership, we’ve honed our ability to anticipate and standardise all our processes. This allows us to foresee potential issues and address them before they escalate. Having experience in both the trades and acquisitions with my other company, I grasp the financial implications at a deeper level. We emphasise being proactive rather than reactive, because reacting to problems often leads to unnecessary expenditures. In the cleaning sector, we aim to stay ahead, preventing additional costs.

EG: Why is it increasingly important in this day and age for medical professionals to recruit a dependable firm like yours when it comes to sanitisation and cleaning of medical facilities?

DV: If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the vital importance of medical professionals being able to rely on us and our ability to ensure their environments are thoroughly sanitised and ready for their next procedures. The more efficiently we can enter, perform our cleaning duties, and exit in a reliable and dependable manner, the more quickly medical professionals can access the facilities and provide their services on time.

EG: A rewarding way to guarantee business growth is giving back. Having partnered with WorldVison to donate part of your profits to the benefit of children, why is it so important for successful people to give back to the community?

DV: Giving back is an integral part of our core values, and I firmly believe that everyone, not just the successful, should contribute. When our company and team engage in giving back, it fosters a sense of community, making work more meaningful. It’s during these times that we learn about each other, discovering personal stories like one of our employees’ experiences with a tragic event in Venezuela.We decided to give back by allocating a portion of every call that comes through our system to support Venezuela. We’ve partnered with WorldVision, and this commitment sets us apart from other companies.

EG: How did your humble beginnings cleaning mess halls and cabins many years ago, prepare you to succeed at the height of the commercial cleaning industry today, with a successful company now operating across multiple states with hundreds of employees?

DV: Hard work has taught me a valuable lesson – it’s not just about the effort; it can also be genuinely enjoyable. I find it fulfilling, and that’s what motivated me to take the leap. Moreover, I firmly believe in leading by example. I never ask my employees to do something I haven’t personally done and understood intimately. This approach has been a key factor in my success. It ensures there’s no division between me and the individuals who do the cleaning work within the company. I’ve been in their shoes and comprehended what it entails. I won’t assign someone a job that I haven’t done or wouldn’t do myself, fostering a strong sense of unity and teamwork within the company.

EG: As the head of an award-winning company with a stellar reputation, what can large commercial real estate owners, luxury hoteliers, medical professionals and luxury real estate owners look forward to when working with you?

When working with me, you can look forward to several things. Firstly, you can expect the deployment of the highest standards and best-in-class processes. I’m dedicated to ensuring that when I understand my job thoroughly, it enables everyone around me to perform at their best. I don’t do this for my own ego but to help others excel in the industry. I aim to be invisible in the process, as that’s a sign of a job well done. You can rely on me to handle everything seamlessly, so you don’t have to think about it. Ultimately, my focus is on others, not myself. If I’ve done my job correctly, you won’t even notice I’m there   EG

Danielle Vest
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The team brings the success. Work together and grow together.


Strive to be the best and be empowered
by your competitors.


We don’t just generate income,
we save lives.

Danielle Vest

» Highest record for quality assurance for Cleanest Record of Hotels in the US (and we still hold the highest record to this day).

» Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc. named among 50 most admired companies of the year 2023.

» Awarded Commercial Cleaning Contractor of the Year for the US in Build Magazine.

» Featured in Manufacturing Outlook magazine - Top 10 Industrial Cleaning Service Providers.

» Featured in CIO Bulletin Magazine – under Five Best Women in the Women’s Awards.

» Supported the drilling of a well for clean drinking water with WorldVision.

» First Hilton Hotel in the US to go green and the first large hotel in Houston to go green.

Danielle Vest is CEO of Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc. and has been working in the commercial cleaning industry for over 30 years. With a commitment to quality, the serial entrepreneur has expanded the company across five states with over 220 employees, and has emerged to become the trusted and reliable choice for the luxury hospitality and commercial real estate industries. For further information, please visit:

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