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Nomi Prins
Author & Editor, Dark Money Millionaires 
An interview with Nomi Prins, Investment Banker, Analyst

Our exclusive interview on the next Systemic Banking Crisis with NOMI PRINS, Author and Editor of Dark Money Millionaires and Founder of Nomi Prins LLC, investigates the impact of Central Bank monetary policy upon the world financial system, as 
Executive Global explore the future prospect of a breakdown in confidence of the U.S. dollar and global financial order that may occur as a result of derivatives, hawkish monetary policy, and Quantitative Easing. We gain a fundamental insight into the future of the global banking system, as we profile the former managing director at Goldman Sachs, renowned economist, best-selling author and Wall Street veteran, on the preparatory measures high net worth individuals and institutional investors may take to mitigate against the risk of financial upheaval.