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We sit down with Kevin Li, associate director at the Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat Sen University, to discuss why this award-winning institution’s MBA programme is among the top ten programmes nationally and currently still enjoys an unshakeable position in Southern China.

EG: Does the Lingnan MBA program count any famous entrepreneurs, in China or abroad, among its alumni? 

KL: Lingnan MBA is a young and developing program and our alumni are actively involved in different industries. We certainly do expect some famous entrepreneurs come from them in the future. 


EG: What has been the greatest challenge the program has faced since its inception in 1998? 

KL: From the very first day of the Lingnan MBA program, the greatest challenge has been always the same; to complete with other famous business schools with an excellent reputation internationally.

EG: What are your proudest achievements in how the program has developed over the two decades of its existence? 

KL: More than four thousand alumni graduated from the Lingnan MBA and they have subsequently contributed greatly to the growth of China and the world.

EG: Considering your status of excellence among academic institutions, what are some specific qualities that set your program apart and above the rest? 

We heavily focus on the application of what our students have learned from the class, and it is part of the fundamental core in our “Project-based Learning” program.

EG: Once the program receives the AACSB accreditation, how do you plan on improving it even further? 

KL: Lingnan MBA is a triple-crown accredited program with AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accreditations and we will continually improve the overall quality of the program under the review of these accreditations.

EG: In regard to the challenges currently faced by much of the Western markets, how do you dedicate efforts to teach the new generation of businessmen sustainability? 

KL: Sustainability is the guarantee of future development and it is one of the important core topics in our course, “Ethics and Leadership”.

EG: Can students count on the guidance of professionals actively working in the business? If so, do you have partnerships with any notable companies or individuals? 

KL: Of course, we have a very good relationship with The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China, as well as the Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, in addition to Olympus China, Deloitte China, and many others.

EG: In terms of social life, what are some benefits that students enjoy on campus for pastimes, stress relief and personal growth?

Students are encouraged to participate in several different kinds of sports to regenerate themselves and Lingnan MBA has organised teams to contest in the Asia Pacific Business College Desert, Jungle and Glacier Challenges in recent years.   EG

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