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Article By Marie Gomez-Tomiczek, Partner, Gomez Tomiczek International

Have you ever wondered if a single document could open the doors to a world of opportunity, providing not only a sense of security, but also unprecedented access and international mobility? Well, wonder no more, because the answer is a resounding yes! And that unique document comes in the form of the Panama Travel Passport.

In an age defined by borderless business, global investment and the allure of spontaneous travel, this passport is more than just a travel document; it’s the key that unlocks a world of privilege and foresight. The Panama Travel Passport grants its holders a unique freedom: visa-free access to over 142 countries around the world. For business leaders, global entrepreneurs, and avid travellers, this document streamlines travel by eliminating the complexities of securing visas. Beyond its convenience, the Panama Travel Passport doubles as a contingency plan, providing security in today’s unpredictable world.

This article explores the intriguing world of this fascinating opportunity. As you delve deeper into its intricate details, you’ll discover its remarkable benefits. We’ll navigate through the process of acquiring one and discover its far-reaching implications in the realm of global investing and wealth management.


Picture this: The Panama Travel Passport, also known as the Panama Private Retiree Investor Visa, is like a treasure map for individuals of high net worth who aren’t Panamanian citizens. It may look like a standard passport, but it harbours a secret: an additional line revealing the holder’s original citizenship. Whether your origins are from China, Venezuela, India or any other corner of the world, this passport doesn’t transform you into a citizen of Panama, but it bestows travel privileges equivalent to those of Panamanian citizens. This, in essence, grants you access to numerous visa-free destinations while allowing you to keep your existing citizenship, with no worries about dual citizenship troubles.


As you dig deeper into the Panama Travel Passport, you’ll unearth a world of advantages. This remarkable document, supported by Panama’s innovative immigration policies, flings open the doors to a realm of international privileges and opportunities. The key benefits include:

Visa-Free Access - Think of this passport as your golden ticket to more than 142 countries worldwide, making global travel a breeze. For seasoned jet-setters who appreciate the convenience of crossing borders with ease, this passport is the key to new possibilities.

Preservation of Your Existing Citizenship - One of the passport’s significant advantages is that it doesn’t tamper with your current citizenship.


Since the Panama Travel Passport does not make you a Panamanian citizen you can maintain your original nationality, avoiding the complexities and conflicts associated with dual citizenship. The process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of weeks without the need for lengthy naturalisation procedures, costly real estate investments, language certifications, additional tests or interviews.

Emergency Exit Strategy - In a world of geopolitical uncertainty, the Panama Travel Passport becomes a valuable contingency plan. It safeguards your journey through unforeseen challenges and provides a solid backup when the need arises, including access to improved alternatives for healthcare and education.

Global Investment Opportunities - Possessing a Panama Travel Passport isn’t just about hassle-free travel; it’s a testament to your status and ability. More than that, it gives you a unique opportunity to capitalise on global investment trends, access Panama’s favourable tax laws, and foster a world of financial growth.


Acquiring a Panama Travel Passport may sound complex, but it’s a well-defined process tailored for those with financial prowess. The journey consists of several steps:

Private Retiree Investor Visa - Your adventure begins when you apply for the Private Retiree Investor Visa. This visa grants you a five-year residency in Panama, with the option to renew for another five years. Once your application for the Private Retiree Investor Visa is successfully approved, you can immediately obtain the Panama Travel Passport. To qualify for the Private Retiree Investor Visa, you must have a clean criminal record and proof of investment in Panama (see below), among other requirements. It is mandatory in Panama to submit all applications through a Panamanian lawyer who will prepare your file in advance and advise you on all necessary documents. There is no age limit to qualify for the visa and you can even include your spouse and children (up to 25 years old) in your application.

Financial Commitment - To prove your commitment, you’ll need to invest in a Certificate of Deposit (CD) for five years in one of Panama’s state-owned banks, either the National Bank of Panama or the National Savings Bank. This CD must earn a minimum monthly interest of $850 USD. The minimum investment amount may vary depending on the current interest rate. As of November 2023, the required investment is approximately $264,500 USD. This investment allows you to ride the wave of Panama’s strong financial system and favourable business environment.

Maintaining the Investment - To ensure the ongoing validity of your Panama Travel Passport, it is essential to uphold your CD investment for the entire five-year duration. Early withdrawal of funds may lead to the revocation of your passport. However, upon completing the five-year term, you have the choice to withdraw both your initial investment and the accrued interest. If you wish to retain and renew your Passport for another five years, maintaining the original investment is required, but you gain the flexibility to withdraw the earned interest. It’s worth noting that according to Panama’s tax code, all interest earned from bank accounts, time deposits, and other banking services is non-taxable in Panama.

Ready for Your Next Adventure? - The Panama Travel Passport is more than just a travel document; it’s the gateway to a world of opportunity. It serves as a powerful contingency plan, a means of preserving your current citizenship, and a symbol of access that reflects your status in the global landscape. In an era of global change, this passport embodies the intersection of privilege, security, and opportunity.


One lesser-known but highly significant aspect of the Panama Travel Passport is the freedom it provides for exploring global investment opportunities. In the complex world of international finance, investors often seek secure and efficient channels for capital allocation, and this passport offers precisely that. As the passport opens doors to more than 142 countries, it also serves as a gateway to international financial markets. With this document in hand, holders can diversify their investment portfolios, capitalise on emerging trends, and tap into promising markets worldwide. The ability to hold assets and investments in various countries fosters a sense of financial security and access to a world of opportunities.


What makes the Panama Travel Passport truly exceptional is its versatility. It caters to a diverse range of prospects, each with unique motivations and requirements. Here are a few examples:

Business Leaders - For business leaders, the passport facilitates seamless international travel and expansion opportunities. It enables executives to explore new markets, establish global partnerships, and elevate their enterprises to international heights.

Seasoned Travellers - Individuals with a passion for global exploration will find the Panama Travel Passport to be an invaluable companion. It simplifies travel logistics and enhances the experience by eliminating the need for visa applications.

Plan B Seekers - In an era of geopolitical uncertainty, the need for a contingency plan has never been greater. Individuals who prioritise a stable Plan B can rely on the Panama Travel Passport to access safe havens in times of crisis and enjoy a second residence in Panama for themselves and their family if necessary.

International Investors - Those who wish to broaden their investment horizons will find this passport to be an indispensable tool. It enables the acquisition and management of assets in multiple countries, providing a robust framework for international wealth management.

International Privileges - The Panama Travel Passport reflects global mobility, convenience, and an appreciation for high-quality experiences. Whether it’s a last-minute getaway to a tropical paradise, a critical business meeting across the globe, or safeguarding wealth through international investments, this passport plays a pivotal role.


In an era where financial influence intersects with global citizenship, the Panama Travel Passport is a symbol of privilege and wisdom. It embodies the fusion of global access and commitment to a secure future. As geopolitical tides continue to shift, and investment landscapes evolve, this passport opens doors to a world of opportunities.

It’s not just a document; it’s a testament to foresight and preparation. As we gaze toward the future, one thing is certain—the Panama Travel Passport will continue to be a symbol of versatility, privilege, and its vital importance in an ever-changing world.

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