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  ''The multifamily investment vehicle has always been a consistent producer of steady yield.''

Executive Global: Having successfully acquired over 15,000 units amounting to $2 Billion+ in asset value, you undoubtedly are a market leader. Explain the advantages for investors working with experts with over 25 years experience in multifamily real estate?

Randy Ferreira: 
I think it goes back to feeling confident in the markets you’re in and knowing what to expect, regardless of what the economic markets throw at you. Experienced operators have a sense of what it takes to be successful and usually rise to the occasion in the markets they are in.  

EG: You have developed a proven track record for value-added and stabilised apartment properties. How fundamental have ethics and integrity been in establishing your stellar reputation?

RF: Ethics and integrity in business to us is absolutely paramount. Our trademark culture has always been this: ‘‘striving to do the right thing”…we model this mantra in all aspects of our company culture. It has become the hallmark of our company’s core.    

EG: How significant of a tool is multifamily real estate for investors seeking to achieve maximum yield in this market, when compared with other forms of property?

RF: The multifamily investment vehicle has always been a consistent producer of steady yield. The key is not only the old adage of location, location, location, but just as important is having an operator who can execute the business plan regardless of economic market conditions. It’s obvious that people always need a place to live- regardless of interest rates and other economic factors. As a result, well located apartment properties that are well managed will continually maintain a solid economic position in the realm of comparable investment choices in commercial real estate.

EG: Tell us how the risk-return profile for multifamily real estate makes this asset class more desirable for sophisticated, accredited and professional investors?

RF: As long as the acquisition analysis includes criteria for being well located with good bricks and sticks so to speak, the risk-reward profile is usually very good. Unlike other asset types, apartments possess an emotional side to the investment. This is mainly because it involves people’s homes. When this is taken into consideration as part of the overall business plan, the success profile can increase dramatically in comparison to other asset classes. Renters sense value and sincerity in who is operating their home and are more receptive to increases in rents when this philosophy is a priority with the operator. Multifamily as an asset type has become more acceptable over the years as a desirable investment to all types of investment groups. .

EG: What would you say are four vital attributes required for successful property management?

RF: There are so many more than of course just four but as it relates to only four;  first, I would say a high priority to training the team members to realise we are dealing with people’s homes. Second is to prioritise the customer service aspect of  our industry, third would be understanding that although it is people’s homes its also an investment that must be maximised. Lastly, always striving to do the right thing in all your processes. In summary, the back to basics old school techniques and philosophies can never be forgotten as an incredible asset to successful property management.

EG: Tell us about your most recent acquisition and the exciting opportunities for profitability offered to investors?

RF: This past year has been dedicated to what we call recap opportunities. This is where we buy out our existing investors at market value who are ready to cash out and bring in other investors and equity to complete a new refreshed acquisition of an existing property. We then initiate an exciting second value add campaign. It launches another season of returns for the same asset by enhancing values with exciting new upgrades to the property.

EG: What can ultra high net worth institutional and private clients expect when working with you?

F: We have been operating in this business and in our markets over 25 years and have established a reputation as a best in class operator.  Most partners and investors can expect a firm that is well-versed in the market place, highly professional and seasoned. In addition, they can also expect partners that will always strive to do the right thing and never compromise on integrity.  EG

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