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Antigua and Barbuda offers the hospitality of its shores to visitors and investors, as a home away from their home. It is best known for its 365 white-sand beaches, but Antigua enjoys a growing reputation as a trusted Caribbean destination for both tourism and international financial services.

Antigua’s Financial Centre is relatively small, but very friendly and operates in a stable economic and political environment, making it attractive to clients seeking a safer home away from the volatility of larger markets. Antigua enjoys a growing reputation as an up-market destination that meets the high expectations of visitors and investors seeking world-class tourism and financial services. 


The oldest indigenous institution providing international financial services in the jurisdiction is Global Bank of Commerce Limited, a privately owned and operated institution, licensed and established since 1983. The Bank has built a tradition of excellent service to its clients for private banking, as well as wholesale and commercial services, wealth and portfolio management, and technology-driven financial services. The Bank hosts local, Caribbean and international clients and provides a full range of personal and corporate account options including multi-currency deposits, foreign exchange, certificates of deposit and other competitive interest-bearing accounts and investment services. Clients also benefit from the Bank’s affiliate, Global Processing Centre, an internationally-certified card processing centre and payment platform which provides card-based processing for Visa, MasterCard and China UnionPay services. It also enables mobile payment facilities for more convenient corporate and individual payment programmes designed for payrolls, benefits and remittance services. Digital technologies are reshaping the means of preserving wealth and managing businesses, and the Bank is focused on delivering appropriate solutions to its institutional and retail clients.


Global executives are increasingly selective in identifying sovereign jurisdictions and services to manage their portfolios. They are attracted to Antigua and Barbuda as a second home, an alternative investment and financial hub, and even its offering of second citizenships to qualified applicants. Approved investors can partake in its Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), and an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship may be granted to persons and families who satisfy a high standard of due diligence requirements and qualify in respect of making personal investments in the economy of Antigua and Barbuda. There is also an option to obtain residency rather than citizenship. The jurisdiction has spent considerable time and research efforts to design a sound investment process, and the government administration and regulatory framework ensures that it meets international standards and attracts applicants that will only enhance the reputation and economy of the jurisdiction. 

The combination of well-regulated financial services, a positive and stable investment environment and the benefit to possibly qualify for a second citizenship makes Antigua and Barbuda a bespoke location to obtain private banking services, business opportunities and real estate investments.   EG

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