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  ''I have lived on St. John since 1978 and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Giving back to my community is of huge importance to me, but also inernationally as well.''

An Interview with Tammy Donnelly
Strategy And Luxury In Love City
Our special interview with TAMMY DONNELLY, Broker/Owner at 340 Real Estate Company, LLC, highlights what makes St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, such a special destination. Executive Global reveals the mystery behind the lush green hills, ocean views and natural splendour of this exotic paradise in an exclusive interview with one of Love City’s leading real estate experts.

Executive Global: What strategies would you say remain universal in the successful sale of multimillion dollar real estate in St John? 

Tammy Donnelly: A hard working on island full time agent and a company that is not afraid to spend money in advertising it! Like 340 Real Estate Company.

EG: With 80% of the island of St. John being untouched with pristine white-sand beaches, low property taxes and no passport requirements, why may Love City be the dream retirement location for affluent Americans? Besides all the great reasons you just stated? 

TD: With only approx 4000 year-round residents, St. John is a tight-knit community that is unique only to Love City (St John’s nickname). When you’ve had your fill of sun, sand, & hiking, you can take advantage of upscale shopping and dining offerings available. For a very small island, St John has many restaurant and shopping options to appeal to all tastes and wallets. 

EG: Having lived on the island of St. John since 1978, you have seen it all. How critical is it for property buyers and sellers to have an elite negotiator on their team? 

TD: Let one of my customers testimonials answer this! ‘‘There is no one on island that has more knowledge of the ‘‘ins and outs’’ of real estate in the USVI. Numerous transactions with Tammy, of which they are all unique, and she masterfully handled everything. Once she has an understanding of your wants, she is excellent at vetting properties and providing info. She also has a very calm demeanour and takes on any task with that approach and it certainly keeps you sane. Honest, trustworthy and an absolute pleasure to work with.’’  It is extremely important to have an elite negotiator on your team when buying or selling property in the USVI.

EG: What kind of monthly rental prices can one expect within St. John, and how may investors maximise yields?

TD: Long term rentals vary from $1000 a month upwards to $8000 a month. Long term rentals are what we have the most of and rates can vary from $3000 a week upwards to $25,000.  Depending upon whether the property is mortgaged or not will determine profitability and of course your management company. The average return is about 50% after expenses.

EG: You serve on the St. John Board of Realtors and support many community organisations such as the St. John Cancer Fund. Why is it so important to give back to the community when you become successful? 

TD: I have lived on St John since 1978 and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Giving back to my community is of huge importance to me, but also internationally as well. Taking care of the environment and all inhabiting it, is of huge importance to me now and for future generations.

EG: Looking back upon sales activity across commercial properties, residential homes, land and condos, what prevalent trends do you see on the horizon? 

D: High end villa sales always remain steady. The lowering of interest rates always help with sales, but as it is everywhere- the real estate market is a cyclical one. 

EG: With half a century of collective experience and an array of positive testimonials to your credit, what can High Net Worth individuals expect when working with your capable team? 

D: With 45 years of on-island experience with 25 years of real estate sales experience, they will receive a hard working, diligent person to guide them through every step of the process before, during and after their purchase.  EG

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