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Our interview with LYNNE B. WILSON, Luxury Realtor at Lynne B. Wilson and Associates, Inc, presents another intriguing insight into the world of high end luxury real estate in Lake Arrowhead, California. Executive Global catch up with one of the region’s most prolific agents who has represented illustrious celebrity clientele including Priscilla Presley, Patrick Swayze and Rosanne Barr, presenting the finest in luxury real estate throughout the peaceful communities of Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Running Springs, Twin Peaks and Blue Jay. 

EG: Describe your experience working at Bob Crane & Associates on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and how this shaped your future career? 

LW: Bob Crane was one of the first Architectural Real Estate Specialists Companies on the Sunset Strip! I learned that style and unique Architecture went together! I learned about Architects such as, Schindler, Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Williams commanded the knowledge expected of such designers, which led me to be disciplined, well dressed, and an extension of the company.  Imagine ~ when you visit my 2 offices in Lake Arrowhead and one in Crestline, you will always find fresh flowers, comfortable décor, coffee and of course a bottle of fine champagne at the closing of one of our beautiful listings.

EG: What is it about Lake Arrowhead that makes it such an appealing location for affluent home buyers to the point at which it is affectionately known as The Jewel of Southern California? 

LW: Lake Arrowhead is a private Lake and you must own a home to enjoy boating or fishing on the Lake! The weather is gorgeous, no humidity, no bugs. Four Seasons. Mild winters and easy access to Los Angeles, Newport or the Desert!


EG: To home buyers who may be new to the San Bernardino Mountain area, within which of the three communities (from Lake Arrowhead, Green Valley lake and Lake Gregory) would you recommend purchasing a property first? 

LW: Lake Arrowhead as it is a private Lake and the Beverly Hills of the Mountain! Green Valley is great for ski buffs ~ it is a quaint Village, just minutes to Big Bear and Sky Park. Crestline is a good commuter location if one must work off the mountains Lower elevation. Sweet Lake and good trail for hiking!

EG: And what are the kind of monthly rental prices that investors can expect to earn from these areas? 

LW: I don’t do rentals… Sorry ~ bad question for me. 


EG: Would you say there are unique advantages of living in these kinds of communities as opposed to busy cities like New York and Los Angeles? 

LW: Absolutely! Friendly people. Conservative life style, Pride of Ownership in the Community. It is what “Local America” used to be like. No traffic!No place like it in my opinion.

EG: The world of luxury real estate of course requires an exemplary level of customer service. As an award-winning realtor, what has been the secret to your success?

LW: You better know what you are doing! Generally, the high-end luxury crowd know “business”, are accustomed to the best. Therefore… you better be able to carry on a conversation about stocks, the ‘current market’, “Who’s Who” in the executive world and entertainment world. Never brag, or name drop! (Not classy) Your reputation follows…No need to boast!

EG: What fundamental elements must be implemented to productively market a listing, ensuring the highest probability of success throughout the sales process? 

LW: Print Media is still important…Virtual, and Social Media is a must-world wide. But being a big fish in a small pond is paramount, because you will always be “found”. It is important to have strong local presence.


EG: Having represented many world renowned celebrities in the luxury market, what can wealthy clients expect when working with you? 

LW: They will get great service, a long lasting relationship… and always a Great Deal!   E

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