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Our interview with LAUREN BERGER, President & CEO at Lauren Berger Collection places the spotlight on one of America’s finest luxury hospitality firms, providing thoughtfully personalised interiors and warm customer service to discerning clientele. We catch up with one of New York’s most renowned professionals delivering elegance and sophistication to the world of decoration and furnishing, while also gaining a fundamental understanding of what makes this brand fit for royalty.

EG: Tell us how your business began and how it is currently increasing profitability and adding value to clients?

LB: I began my business strictly through my husband Dr. Sidney I. Berger. He was one of the top implant doctors. I had the pleasure of taking care of so many of my husband's patients after they were operated on.

EG: How important is it to build relationships in this business? 

LB: There is simply nothing more important than having a relationship with your guests. It’s all about trust, when you are sending them to the ends of earth. 

EG: What are the challenges associated with delivering mansions, yachts, exotic automobiles, and one-of-a-kind experiences to the world’s wealthiest people?

LB: There is always a challenge, but I take nothing for granted and I am the one that goes to the ends of the earth to make sure all is as close to perfect as possible. 

EG: You are also working with the British Royal Family. What do you think it is that has made your company so successful in the world of hospitality? 

LB: There is only one thing that makes anything you do successful; Experience. When you fanatically, obsessively love the world of hospitality, you get really good at it.

EG: Tell us about some of the things you do to create unique and unforgettable experiences for your guests? 

LB: My business has taken on a new life since travel has become so important to so many. We are able to offer our guests a truly once in a lifetime experience. 

EG: How may you assist in the demanding relocation requirements of successful executive travellers? 

LB: Experiences we create for them. It is all about them. We take what they are about very seriously, and work from there. I have been working with top executives all my life and the most important thing for them is time. I make sure never to waste a second of it.

EG: With over 450 properties around the world, what markets cater best to certain kinds of personalities?  

Travel has become very sophisticated for those who are all about experience. You need to know your guests to make sure you are sending them to the best of the best for the kind of experience they are looking for. 

EG: Tell us more about your VIP membership?  ​

As I develop my relationships with all that I work with, so do my vip membership.   EG

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