Booking Charter takes a new direction. Its Private, its Automatic. And it can save you thousands of dollars.

Founded in 2015 and operational in March of 2016, Chartwind is a fully automated private booking system for charter travel. It is free and simple to use for the customer and the charter company.  

We wanted to develop a system that made very little impact on the day-to-day business for charter companies. So we designed the web site and made it free to join, with no annual fees and we do not charge the charter company a commission if they are selected by our customer. The charter companies receive an email that there is a request for a quote. They just see the origin and the destination of the flight requested. The dispatcher can then decide if they want to quote the flight. They go to the Chartwind site and log into their account and quote the flight with time, aircraft type, and price. The charter company receives the entire amount of their quote and if the customer chooses them, we automatically trade contact information between the customer and the charter, and it is their responsibility to complete the transaction. We feel at Chartwind we have forwarded a qualified, ready-to-fly customer to the charter company selected who has accepted the price, and knows what aircraft will pick them up. All that is left is arrange payment method and fly.  

For our flying customers, again- no membership fees are required to join, and there is no cost to request a flight and search price options. If they do select one of the charter company members, we collect $200.00 and then like with the charter companies, automatically trade contact information and Chartwind is out of the relationship between customer and charter company. There are no hidden fees. We are going to raise prices in 2017, but will ‘grandfather in’ all 2016 customers at the 2016 rate. The fee will still be well below standard commission rates paid to brokers.  

What I find attractive is that a customer can search for flights anonymously and privately, until they decide to commit. They see options, savings, and can decide without having someone push them for a decision. There are more choices, and there are big differences in quotes because we do not know if a plane is sitting for the day and can make another flight, whether an empty leg is available, or if a charter company will possibly charge less because the aircraft is not booked that day.

Chartwind can save thousands in commissions, and thousands of dollars on the quote because most of the time, we offer more than one quote for a flight. Flying private charter is of course still expensive, but we see a wide range of prices on requested flights. So it is private, you see the best price, and the aircraft they are providing. Both sides of the transaction win. Click, Click, Fly.   EG

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