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Executive Global

Productivity | Strategy | Profitability

Celebrating Excellence Worldwide


Championing the World's Premier Organisations

Award Winners

Best Corporate Bank - Vietnam

Asia Commercial Bank


Best Luxury or Prestige Automobile - France

Bugatti Chiron


Best Private Bank for HNWIs - Switzerland
Credit Suisse


Best Investment Bank - Nigeria


Best High End Luxury Architecture & Design Firm - Canada

Hedgeford & Berkley, Inc


Capital Markets Exchange of the Year - Africa

Nairobi Securities Exchange PLC


Best Insurance Group - UAE

Noor Takaful


Technology Executive of the Year - United States

OnShore Technology Group, Inc


Most Resilient Bank - Latin America

ScotiaBank Chile


Best Digital Life Insurance Brand - Singapore



Best Sustainable Bank - Gambia

Standard Chartered Bank


Best Commercial Bank - Taiwan
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd 

Executive Global

Productivity | Strategy | Profitability

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