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  ''As our statement goes, we transform lives through purposeful connection and love.''

An Interview with Amber Kelleher-Andrews
Elite Upscale Matchmaking
Our special interview on Elite Upscale Matchmaking with AMBER KELLEHER-ANDREWS, President & CEO of Kelleher International, Inc, returns to the relationship experts with a core philosophy designed around connecting people on purpose and finding the perfect match for tycoons, moguls and celebrities. Executive Global once again sits down with the renowned professional matchmaker to the world’s rich and famous.

Executive Global: Tell us how Kelleher International may help connect long-term life partners to High Net Worth individuals who may have too busy a schedule, not have the energy, or too high of a profile to spend time searching for the best prospects?

Amber Kelleher-Andrews: By leveraging our decades of experience and unique processes, Kelleher is able to optimise our clients’ time and create opportunities that they would not typically have access to on their own. Our highly discreet, detailed vetting and hand selection of each candidate allows the client to address their own pressing schedules and still enjoy highly curated matches who align with their articulated priorities. 

EG: And how fundamental is a professional matchmaking firm like Kelleher International to align the morals and values of suitors, which is a crucial element in ensuring relationships stand the test of time? 

AKA: I have always believed that matching clients based on values and morals is the main key for a lasting relationship. At Kelleher, we interview our clients personally and we really get to know them. We ask critical questions to find out their philosophy in life. What is most important to them in a relationship, and what do they value most? What doesn’t work for them and what are their deal breakers?

Our clients are well educated, successful and very picky. If our client is looking for ‘the right one’ and would like to marry and have children - education may be a big factor. If they marry someone who doesn’t care or think their children’s education is important this is going to be a problem later in their marriage.

If our client is extremely adventurous and they love river rafting, and maybe running, biking and swimming in the half ironman in Hawaii, a partner who is not very active and only enjoys 5-star hotels, and the beach - no matter how gorgeous she is, this is not a good fit.

When we match clients with the same values, and they have many similarities - all it takes is chemistry. When that clicks, we know almost before our clients - that we have a marriage! That is why we do what we do, and why our job is so rewarding.

EG: You are the longest standing global matchmaking company in America and operate like an executive search firm. Why is it that your unique approach typically leads to such a high success rate? 

AKA: Our unique approach was pioneered by Kelleher founders, Jill and Amber. Our network of both clients and participating members are largely based on referrals, and we diligently vet to ensure the integrity of our network. Because we have regional teams around the country, and because we continually meet as teams to match our clients, we’re able to maximise our efforts. Relationship & dating coaching, philanthropic events, and strategic partnerships have further added value for members. We’re committed and proud of what we do! 

EG: How important is it for individuals to find out about themselves and all that they want out of life, before embarking on a journey to find their ideal partner, and can you give examples of why this is so critical?

AKA: Like any endeavour, the right preparation leads to the right actions and results. In the realm of relationships and finding the right partner, this means knowing what you want in a partner and why. It also means understanding our own patterns and choices that may or may not have become obstacles to creating a healthy partnership. Our matchmakers seek to ask clients the right questions; they seek to get clients to ask themselves the right questions. As a result, finding your partner was the initial goal but you also gained a better understanding of your patterns, sense of self, more confidence, clarity, and purpose?

EG: Tell us about KI Social Club and how some of your member events can bring couples together through a shared greater purpose?

AKA: Over the years I have been able to create intimate leadership gatherings which have become powerful incubators for world-changing ideas. This attracts men and women who often are at the same crossroads of their life and the added magic is when this also sparks love between singles who may not have met otherwise. 

EG: If not initially looking for love, could signing up for membership at Kelleher International also serve as the ultimate solution for expanding your social circle to include networks and friendships with the world’s most powerful and successful people?

KA: In today’s uncertain world, discretion is key. Membership in the KI Social Club is completely confidential giving our community a unique opportunity to be paired up with change-makers for passion projects, philanthropy, and powerful business ventures. Whether you are newly single and not ready for a relationship or currently in a relationship through Kelleher, the KI Social Club brings together like-minded individuals who enjoy living life to the fullest and desire to meet other global leaders to inspire growth, spark innovation, expand minds and pursue a higher purpose in love, for the planet, and for our collective humanity.

Members join us for meaningful content and social networking while attending trips of a lifetime. From private supper parties to leadership gatherings and exclusive retreats with a purpose, the vast array of KI connections offers its Club members many entry points into new love, powerful relationships, and inclusion into an unparalleled community.

EG: With an impressive list of famous clients including Paula Abdul, Terrell Owens, Jennifer Aniston, Academy Award winners and the heads of Fortune 500 companies, what’s your secret to remaining the number #1 choice for wealthy discerning individuals, time and again?

KA: While I cannot comment on who our previous clients are or who the media believes they are, we do have a very impressive client history with great success. As our statement goes, we transform lives through purposeful connection and love. Whether you’re a busy CEO, a public figure, or a billionaire that likes their privacy; our unparalleled experience, dedicated matchmaking team and personalised approach is why many successful individuals choose Kelleher International.   EG

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