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I am passionate about my work as a top international matchmaker, helping my clients find love! Yes, being a high-end international matchmaker and helping my clients find love is a lot of glamour, fun and excitement!

I get invited to amazing parties and cocktail receptions, I get to travel, I receive countless offers for luncheons and coffees. To top it off, I get to meet the most fascinating men and beautiful, amazing women every day! 

That being said, finding the right lady match for our single, divorced or widowed gentlemen clients involves a lot of work!

Whilst none of my days are ever the same, here’s what an average day of an international matchmaker looks like:

05:30    Get up, exercise, breakfast with family, get ready for work, check emails.

08:30    At office – respond to email messages.

09:30    Meet with colleagues, Eeke and Kate, to discuss new leads and new potential lady matches. Filter, screen and invite interesting profiles for a first interview.

10:00    Meet with colleague Eeke to discuss potential match proposals for our clients.

11:00    Skype call with a gentleman client based in Zurich to discuss his next introduction; a young Dutch lady living in Switzerland. 

11:30    Check out interesting networking events, order more business cards, accept some LinkedIn invitations – time flies.

12:00    Hungry! Order Thai food, eat at my desk whilst checking emails.

13:00    Intake interview with a new gentleman client. One of my favourite parts of my job!

15:30    Find the perfect location for our American gentleman client, who is meeting an Italian lady in London, so that we can make all arrangements for their first date.

16:00    Prepare my trip to London next week.

16:30    Date feedback: Call two ladies, who had dates with clients, for their feedback. 


17:00    Only 2 interviews via Skype with potential HIM Lady Match Candidates today. One amazing, single woman in Barcelona, and another lovely lady in San Francisco.

18:00    Enter my meeting notes in our Customer Relationship Management system and send a message to Kate, our coordinator, to follow up with the next step for the 2 ladies I just interviewed.

18:30    Social Media review and curation. 

19:30    Date Night – tonight I am having dinner out with my husband! While out I wonder how a Scandinavian client, who is having a first date in Milan, is getting on.

21:45    Back at home office, checking a few important points for tomorrow. 

Just before going to bed, I receive a Whatsapp from the client who had his first date in Milan. Thumbs up and a Smiley. Great! Can’t wait to hear the details tomorrow. Helping my clients to find love is my goal each and every day. 

Tomorrow is another day, and another chance to spread the love. 

Wishing you had a great partner by your side? Contact Trea for a complimentary consultation and find out whether she could be of assistance in your search.   EG

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