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Maureen Atkinson, President, Maureen Atkinson Private Office

Our interview with MAUREEN ATKINSON, President, Principal Broker with Maureen Atkinson Inc. Private Office, casts the spotlight on a successful real estate professional showcasing the finest luxury properties across the Southern California Desert and Coastal communities, as well as Hawaii. Executive Global sits down with the award-winning luxury real estate broker who is presenting the Crème de la crème of luxury homes to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, while forging relationships based on honesty, ethics, integrity, and trust.

EG: How would you say your early career as a prominent Executive Director at an international accounting firm helped prepare you to later succeed in the higher echelons of luxury real estate?   

MA: Early in my career I was in a very prominent position, had many responsibilities and reported directly to the Founding Partner. This is where I was first introduced to many affluent families and business owners. 

Also, being the Marketing Chairperson for Canada and sitting on the Communications Committee for Nexia International I learned a lot about marketing and its importance to the success of these companies. I remember sitting in board meetings in London, UK with 30 Nexia Partners and I was the only woman at the table, you quickly learn not to be intimated. Most Partners were men at that time and they always showed me the utmost respect. That gave me a lot of self-confidence, so yes, my corporate background allowed me a smooth transition into the higher end of Luxury Real Estate.  


EG: You are a Founding Member of REALM. What is REALM and what unique attributes does it bring to  luxury real estate buyers and sellers?

MA: REALM is a collection of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled. The membership is by invitation only and is comprised of the most elite luxury professionals globally. REALM membership is a relationship enhancer, and includes a game-changing technology platform that will enhance your client data, provide a lifestyle profile for your clients, and matches elite REALM members anywhere in the world based on the clients they represent and the listings they have. 


EG: Having impressively ranked in the top 1% of real estate brokers for Prudential nationwide, acquiring Chairman’s Circle Platinum and Gold Awards, what advice would you give to realtors who wish to maximise productivity?  

MA: My first thoughts are, don’t get caught up with awards. Now, do not get me wrong they show you have a successful career, but do not rely on that moving forward. The best advice I ever received was from the first Broker Owner I ever worked for.  No matter what happened he would always say be a professional, always be ethical and never cross that line. You also need a business plan, stick to it, adjust to the changing times, and most of all be patient.  

EG: What has your experience as a successful broker providing a bespoke concierge service for the luxury property market, taught you about the importance of good customer service? 

MA: Being that I own my own Real Estate company I do provide Concierge service. I tailor this service to meet the client’s needs whether they are looking at an acquisition or disposition. I am not limited to following the guidelines of a Brand. This is how I differentiate myself and it has been a huge success for me and my clients. 

EG: As an award-winning luxury realtor with a successful proven track record of closing numerous homes for Ultra High Net Worth individuals, what can affluent clients expect when being represented by you?  

MA: They can expect loyalty, honesty, and know that I have their best interest at hand. I never name drop, and I operate with absolute confidentiality. I do not deviate from this as trust is everything. They can be assured all necessary details will be provided to make an informed decision regarding buying or selling of a property.  


EG: You are also a philanthropist, having generously donated $100,000 to the Maui Preparatory Academy. How important is it to give back to the community, having been so tremendously successful?

MA: There is always a need for charitable donations. Maui Preparatory Academy was in its infancy and they needed funding to continue to grow the school. My donation was to help develop much-needed programs and to assist deserving children an opportunity to attend such an academy.


EG: What is it about the state of California and Hawaii make it such an attractive location for vacationing and for affluent home buyers to live? 

MA: Being an active Real Estate Broker in both states I can tell you it is all about the Lifestyle. While both states are expensive to live, they also provide life qualities that are dreamed of by many. When I was growing up in Canada I would dream of living that life and I am truly grateful to be doing what I love.   EG

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