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Capitalism Needs Preservation, Not 'A Great Reset'

Take a moment to imagine this scenario…How would you like to have absolutely no rights to any of your possessions? How happy would you be if you had to depend on the government for housing, transportation, even food rations? Would you feel free? Asks Oliver Taylor.

'The Great Reset’ is the most trending phrase right now. Everyone is talking about it - economists, politicians, corporate magnates…But what does it truly mean? What do these affluent oligarchs- who rose to power thanks to the free market, want to achieve by “resetting” capitalism? In no uncertain terms, to end the world as you know it - the world where you could achieve your goals, grow your business, build your life, despite all its flaws. It will also be the end for you as a free, independent individual. All of this, of course, in your “best interest”, for a “bright future”. The individuals pushing this rhetoric, position themselves as altruistic forces supporting progress, that reserve for themselves the right to decide what you can own, where you can go and whom can you become.


Does such a notion as ‘The Great Reset’ make you feel like a slave yet? A slave has no freedom, property and personality. The reason this kind of euphemistic nomenclature has been a cause for concern is because it merely masks the intention for the implementation of top-down authoritarian control under a classical socialist tyrannical paradigm- cynically replacing the proven benefits developed by free-market capitalist economies as evidenced by unprecedented wealth creation, home ownership, improved Gross domestic product, Gross national product, a flourishing middle class, employment, freedom, autonomy, prosperity and opportunities, with a nightmarish alternative, presented in the form of a more centrally-planned economic model resembling the despotic regimes of yesteryear and underpinned by a ‘green’ variety of socialism. A ‘Green New Deal’, if you will. This is exactly how the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab, envisages your future in a notorious policy article by former Minister for the Environment of Denmark, Ida Auken which states: “Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city - or should I say, ”our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.” 

So how do you get those necessities of modern life? By begging the state, of course! But what if I want a bigger car for my large family? Or a better car, because, well…I like cars? Or fancier clothes, because I am passionate about fashion? Or a bigger house because I want more space for my large family? Who will decide what I’m allowed to have, and based on what factors? Actually, why should any other human being, as flawed and biased as I am, have the power to allow or deny me possessions that I could otherwise legally purchase, with money that I worked hard to get? 

A society of government-regulated consumer equality is incompatible with democratic rights and personal freedoms. Therefore, the WEF’s projections for 2030 should be seen as nothing less than a direct attack on your civil rights. You will no longer have any privacy. Everything that you say or do will be recorded, analysed and judged by the state. But sure, this is a “bright future”. You will be ‘safe’ from the same capitalism and market conditions that the proponents of ‘The Great Reset’ enjoyed to establish their own wealth and status, but which they now seek to dismantle for you! Pot calling kettle black, much? 

Studying history, it is almost impossible not to draw parallels between the WEF’s manifesto and the radical ideas that thrived in Leninist Russia, Maoist China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia or Weimar Germany... Complete rejection of personal property, socialisation of labour products, total control over the consciousness and behaviour of people. Dressed in progressive terminology and packaged as beneficial, when in actuality- represent nothing more than dictatorship and state slavery.

In Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR, Joseph Stalin promised that advanced socialist production would adequately respond to the
ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people (there is an awfully uncanny affinity for radical socialist regimes sweeping the reigns of power, to subsequently engage in the democidal extermination of the very citizens such aforementioned socialist policies purportedly aim to protect!). Naturally, the social policies did not include a single word about the elimination of individual freedoms and possessions in the name of the promised universal prosperity. The WEF seems to one-up socialism in this regard: the abolition of personal property is being openly advertised.

Mind you, this is not just any socialism that we’re being offered; these aren’t the social policies of the Nordic model, but a Stalinist, totalitarian assault on individuality, supported by all-pervading modern means of electronic control and surveillance. In order to make everyone in the world happy, they say, ‘all you need to do is give up your personal rights and possessions’. This is not only false, but highly hypocritical. Human freedom, is the freedom of choice. Due to the lack of this freedom, any coercive system of invasive state socialism is doomed to collapse. In fact, any totalitarian initiative is essentially unsustainable and will crumble, but not without ruining an innumerable number of lives under its despotic reign.

If you think that the notion of ‘The Great Reset’ has your best interest at heart, think again. The political and oligarchical class tell us that capitalism has outlived its usefulness, and offer to build in fact- communism. For our own good, allegedly. Having consolidated power in their hands by viciously abusing and manhandling the free market for decades, any oligarchy sooner or later, will start trying to strengthen and perpetuate their control. This is exactly what is happening here. Coercion always seems to be the most effective method when striving to achieve power, does it not? Whip and feed are the best ways to manage your cattle. And in our case, the whip is the economic struggles of the middle and lower classes as a result of sustained mismanagement by those same elites, while the feed is a promise of a brighter future.


This topic became especially relevant in Canada after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech at the UN. Trudeau stated that the pandemic provides an opportunity to reset - to “change the economic system and truly respond to global challenges, including poverty, inequality and climate change”. However, it is impossible to meaningfully change the existing economic system without completely abandoning the very freedoms and democratic foundation on which it stands! This unmitigated hypocrisy merely represents a form of class warfare and an attempt to prey on and eliminate the middle class so that oligarchy cannot be competitively challenged. A centrally-planned authoritarian socialist paradigm, inevitably manifests as a result of the state acquiring unprecedented levels of control over the liberty of its citizens and over the economy without checks and balances. Pursuing multilateralist policies at the expense and degradation of national progress, can merely be deemed ‘for the greater good’ with as collectivism running roughshod over individual prosperity- despite being enforced in an authoritarian regime. 


But the problem is not so much in what they are planning, but just how ready they are to force this “bright future” upon the world by coercion and cheating. Capitalism doesn’t need a “great reset” - it needs preservation! What is driving the world into yet another economic collapse isn’t capitalism, but its abuse at the hands of institutional corruption, lobbying and cronyism. Klaus Schwab’s Neo-communism is not the answer! What we need is a true, unadulterated free market!

A free market, is a market that does not suffer from government interference, regulation, coercion and meddling. The only responsibility of the government in a free market is to protect the people: our freedoms, our ability to go out into the world and do what we want, in pursuit of the wealth we need to live and prosper. In this regard, the government’s sole purpose should be to protect individual rights. And this is what an ideal government looks like: upholding our freedoms and not trying to intrude or control anything; it has no business telling us what to do in our private lives or how to run our companies, if everything is done according to the law. 

Capitalism needs preservation, not a Great Reset. The hypocrisy of resetting the global economy and shifting to a radical socialist regime under the guise of ‘sustainable’ policies, not only represents a severe threat to our freedom and prosperity, but will fail to create a better world for all, because the state cannot simply whip out a magic wand to replace entrepreneurs and the wonderful incentives that free-market capitalism provides in an open democratic society, with yet another centrally-planned alternative. Human beings are individuals, yet systems like the proposed “Great Reset” merely reduce the individual to numbers, stats, livestock. This form of collectivist ideology is certainly not humanity's best way forward.   EG

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