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  ''Having the right agent on your side allows you to have their standing contacts to off-market properties...''

An Interview with Abigail Hamilton
Realtor® GRI, JP & Associates Realtors

On special interview on Productivity returns to the world of luxury real estate as we catch up with ABIGAIL HAMILTON, Realtor® GRI at JP & Associates Realtors, to highlight the current opportunities in Texas luxury real estate. Executive Global gets the inside scoop with a particular
focus on the counties of Dallas, Rockwall, Collin county and the surrounding areas. 

Executive Global: What would you say are some of the main features that make Rockwall a wonderful location for real estate?

Abigail Hamilton: Rockwall boarders the east side of Lake Ray Hubbard. Weekly live lakeside concerts, restaurants with great lake views, and shopping are just a few of the main attractions Rockwall has to offer. If you work in the Dallas metroplex or just want to have an evening out in the big city, you have easy access to I30 and the George Bush Toll Road (190). 

EG: And how would you compare and contrast real estate, lifestyle and opportunities in areas like Dallas with that of Rockwall and Collin?  

AH: It’s no secret, has a lot to offer. With its many shopping, dining, housing, and office buildings, you can maintain a lifestyle that consist of being able to walk to all these destinations. While Rockwall and Collin counties offer more of the suburban style neighbourhoods, you may get more space for your dollar, but it will require a short drive to your neighbourhood shopping centers and possibly a 30 minute commute to work in the DFW area. 

EG: Can you identify three key productive moments in the past where your career really started to take off, along with the factors that could be attributed to your success?

AH: I was fortunate enough to have started my career off with JPAR® immediately after receiving my real estate license. JPAR® offers a great mentorship program where in large part, is what helped me advance my career by helping me gain the knowledge I needed, as well as being able to receive answers to any questions I may have had, quickly.  

While my husband and I are both originally from the DFW metroplex areas, we had moved to far NE Texas for his career in coaching. We moved back to the metroplex in June 2020, allowing me to have much easier access to my main clientele and areas I serve. This has led me to be able to continually be a top producer within JP & Associates REALTORS®, which has helped increase my exposure in this industry. 

EG: What additional advantages may your knowledge and skills on the investment side of real estate offer to clients? 

AH: Having owned a real estate investment company with my husband for years, I have experienced the ins and outs of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ that is necessary for top dollar return. Knowing which materials and finishes are needed for your investment is imperative to keep your bottom dollar low and return high.  

Finding investment properties can be challenging. Having the right agent on your side allows you to have their standing contacts to off-market properties that you wouldn’t otherwise have knowledge of.

EG: Talk about some of the most attractive real estate investment opportunities in Dallas and the surrounding areas that investors should be aware of? 

AH: Rowlett, located just inside Dallas County on its east side is currently building a 6.5acre man-made crystal lagoon on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard. This peninsula sits right on Interstate 30, which can quickly lead you directly into the heart of downtown Dallas. This one-of-a-kind property is said to feature a 500-room resort hotel, spa, and approximately 1.4 million square feet of commercial lease space. The $1 billion project is sure to put this Dallas suburb on the map as a national destination for conferences, vacations, as well as giving businesses and their employees the ability to call this home.

EG: In all the transactions you have successfully closed, what are the factors that remain consistently evident in the successful sale of a home?

AH: Communication between the agents involved must remain open and up to date. With our world ever so evolving in technology, basic communication like picking up the phone, responding in reasonable time frames, etc. are often overlooked and under rated. Building rapport and being able to get creative jointly can go a long way on what might otherwise turn into a terminated transaction.

EG: You have excellent testimonials. What can ultra high net worth individuals truly expect when being represented by you?

AH: I take great pride in my work ethic along with my ability to produce. My clients can depend on my consistent drive, excellent communication skills, being equipped with the best technology thanks to JPAR®, skilled marketing, and most importantly making their real estate goals my top priority. I’m known for not taking ‘no’ for an answer which I believe has become an asset in negotiations. All of this while keeping my Texas style hospitality, knowledge, and accent!   EG

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