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Executive Global: How would you compare and contrast properties, lifestyle and opportunities in areas like Houston with that of Dallas Fort-Worth, San Antonio and Austin?

Cody Maxwell: We have the pleasure to represent high net worth clients in each of these cities regularly, and for the most part they have more similarities than differences. Buyers want a good deal on beautiful landscapes in convenient locations. The common theme is that these cities are growing toward each other at a break-neck speed. The “Central Texas Triangle” has been responsible for 80% of population growth in Texas over the last 50 years. The allure of Texas being business friendly and having no state income tax attracts both investors and end-user buyers from all over the nation, especially California. The news is out that investing in rural land, especially in Texas, is a bona-fide fun, legitimate, tangible, and resilient monetary investment. You can fish, hunt, grow crops, plant a vineyard, enjoy livestock and wildlife, plus raise a family on it – all the while making memories worth remembering.

EG: What fundamental factors are key to successfully selling real estate at the maximum sales price in Texas?

CM: In order to reach the maximum sales price the land must be presented in a first-class manner showing the property in its absolute best light thereby demanding the most attention from multiple qualified buyers at the same time. Our planned showing strategies center around the Buyer prospect making sure they are comfortable, well informed, and in a position to make an offer immediately. This is the land business and there’s only one opportunity to make a first impression of value. Afterward, an experienced Capitol Ranch agent will negotiate the finest terms for our Seller. Marketing is the key to get in the door. Once in the door - proficient, specialised service with laser focused intention and integrity is required.

EG: Would you say your degree in Animal Science, extensive experience in cattle management, ranching and passion for the great outdoors, offer additional advantages to ranch buyers?

CM: Knowledge of livestock and land production, mineral and water rights, easements and encumbrances, leasing, and wildlife, lake and rangeland management are useful in selling ranches and advising clients. A guide who understands these land related factors is vital to a client’s confidence and risk management.

EG: How do you try to innovate in ways that lead to greater profitability in the real estate market?

CM: Each year we host the “Capitol Ranch Agent Roundup” where we communicate our client needs and brainstorm on new ideas and innovations to incorporate into our personalized land sales practices. We coined the term “Ranch Real Estate” in 2011 which is now used nationwide in land advertisements. Our process is quite efficient crediting the implementation of constant improvement, and utilizing the newest technology in advertising and property showing tools for our clients benefit.

EG: Tell us how the patented Drive-Over Chock technological innovation you designed, may assist hardworking ranchers?

M:  I invented the Drive-Over Chock to solve the problem of ratchet straps loosening and breaking when hauling ATV’s and UTV’s on a trailer, resulting in damage. The DOC stabilises tires, preventing them from rolling simply by driving over it. Ranchers, land agents, hunting guides – anyone who hauls a buggy loves it.

EG: Your mission is to give peace of mind to clients through proficient real estate transactions. What can affluent clients expect when working with you?

CM: We represent some of the most discerning buyers and sellers in the state who desire the best service and confidentiality. This can look like a lot of things - whether setting up private helicopter tours of ranches or working their cattle. Our clients are our partners and most retain us for multiple land investments over decades of service.

EG: With over $500 million in real estate sales since your founding, what would you say is the true secret to your success?

CM: The difference is our people! We are fastidious in our hiring process. Our Capitol Ranch land professionals make the magic happen for our cherished clients.   EG

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