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Strategy and Luxury In Beverly Hills

 ''New clients can expect 100% of my time, expertise, and knowledge.''

An Interview with Myra Nourmand
Broker/Owner - Nourmand & Associates
Our exclusive interview on strategy in multimillion dollar real estate with MYRA NOURMAND, principal at Nourmand & Associates, showcases the splendour of luxury real estate from Beverly Hills to Malibu, with a special focus on one of the most sought after agents in Los Angeles. Executive Global gains a unique insight into what it takes to represent discerning buyers and sellers of the finest homes in California.

EG: You have earned the respect of the most high-profile Hollywood celebrities and industry executives. Having successfully closed over $1 billion in deals, with the vast majority of clients in the entertainment industry, how critical is it for property buyers and sellers to have such an elite level negotiator on their team?


Myra Nourmand: It’s extremely critical that all your clients, not just high profile, have complete trust that you are going to do anything – and everything – to represent them in the best way possible. I learned from the best how to negotiate and I use these skills to put really complex deals together.

EG: As a busy and successful real estate professional and investor, running one of Beverly Hills’ most reputable property brokerages with over 200 agents and employees, what does ‘strategy’ in real estate mean to you?

MN: Strategy in real estate is almost like playing a game of chess. There are a lot of pieces and being prepared prior to presenting your offer is important. You need to know the mindset of your opposing Brokers and clients. Strategies can evolve so you also need to be flexible and able to navigate on a dime when obstacles arise.

EG: You are also a published author of the book From Homemaker to Breadwinner: How to Make it BIG in Real Estate Sales. What would you say are the commonly identifiable traits that you share with other highly successful real estate agents, that lead to your continued success?

MN:  Brokers must be completely driven, focused and organized. Sharing a love of architecture, staying on top of current market conditions, and maintaining a strong database of Buyers and Sellers are keys to success. Even when your clients “aren’t looking”, it’s important to stay in touch to apprise them of interest rates, deals to be taken advantage of, and what has sold or is new in their neighbourhood.

EG:  Having successfully listed and sold properties from $1 million to $60 million, describe how significantly the unique needs and requirements of ultra high end clients may adjust, and the experiences you must adapt to with million dollar real estate, that may not be the case with lower-priced homes?

MN: Time is priority. You have to be extremely sensitive of time when you working with high net worth clientele. There could be deal complications and they prefer to get to the core of information as quickly as possible because they don’t have time to chit chat. You must preview a property before you call them about it. They need to feel confident you are the expert in this field. I give the same focus and energy to all my clients whether big or small. You never know in life how a lower priced client may one day be running a huge corporation.

EG: Tell us more about your new ELEVATE program and how this can provide additional value to clients?

MN: Staging a home is extremely important but it can be expensive. The ELEVATE program provides a Seller with the option to “stage now and pay later” when a transaction closes. I highly recommend it for new construction homes when rooms are empty. Most people don’t have the imagination to envision a room until it’s furnished.

EG: As a role model for success-orientated women with a highly impressive track record, what would you say to inspire the next generation of female real estate professionals?

Most women have a double responsibility as opposed to men. Women are responsible for the home, the dinner, social events, family dynamics, children and on top of everything, they have to look amazing doing it all. We do it all! With organization, focus, and flexibility, you can be successful. You can be a mother, wife, and homemaker and real estate agent.

EG: With a well-established reputation, you are now known as The First Lady of Real Estate. With 30 years of unrivalled expertise, what can new clients look forward to when being represented by you?

New clients can expect 110% of my time, expertise, and knowledge. When you call me, you get me. My son always says I answer on the first ring and there is no substitute for the decades of experience that I bring to the table. I love what I do and I love my clients. I believe I do my job extremely well and that my clients will always be in a winning situation with me. I want to be sure that this First Lady of Real Estate doesn’t delegate to others but is always at the helm. People who are working with Myra Nourmand get Myra Nourmand.  EG

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