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For 28 years, APIS® Informationstechnologien GmbH has developed the IQ-Software for global industries that cannot fail at product designs and processes. The IQ-Software is a very robust tool for research, development, product design, manufacturing companies’, and healthcare operations’ quality and safety programs.

To list some of the many functionalities of the IQ-Software, the DFMEA, PFMEA, Requirements Management, Functional Safety, and Management Reporting with outcome and statistical analysis, are developed to meet a thorough 7-step methodology.  The IQ-Software tool provides the functionality to meet the demands of audits, customer reviews, and many industries’ best practices and requirements.

APiS North America, is the Americas’ distributor of the IQ-Software and provides IQ-Software, training, consulting, and support to its customers. The APiS North America Basic DFMEA and PFMEA training is offered in both English and Spanish, which is invaluable to the teams that span across the territories we serve. We offer Advanced IQ-Software training, in Spanish and English, consulting, and expert best practice work for the APiS North America customers. Our team ensures that our clients can make a useful analysis and take well-prioritised actions to make their products and processes as safe and as risk-free as possible. APIS® IQ-Software drives critical thinking and ensures that each review is thorough, robust, usable across product lines and is easily reportable to management and the users’ customers.


The IQ-Software is an incredibly robust tool for engineering and manufacturing companies’ quality and safety programs, and specifically DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis), PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis), Industry and Customer Requirements Management, Functional Safety, and Management Reporting with outcome analysis.  FMEA is a structured approach to discovering, analysing, and acting on potential failures that may exist within the product or process design. By minimising or mitigating these failures, the effects are impacted and or eliminated. Any failure will cause waste, defects, or, the most crucial reason to not fail, harmful end user outcomes. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is designed to identify, prioritise, and prevent any product or process failures. 

About our team, I am the APiS North America, LLC President, Lynn Johnson, Pharm.D. and lead with a background in the healthcare industry with technology and business development. My career began as the Pediatric Clinical Coordinator and Co-Chair of the P&T Committee at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I obtained my Doctorate of Pharmacy and earned the Dean’s Award for Highest Academic Achievement Class of 2000. Upon relocation to Michigan, I became Director of Pharmacy at Personal Home Care and then Director of Pharmacy and Nursing at Advanced Care. My experience in not for profit and for profit delivery of healthcare, provided the business aspect to my career. Prior to becoming President at APiS North America, I was Vice President of Telepharmacy and Management Services for Indispensable Health, Inc. My experience in healthcare, technology, and business is paramount to the mission of APiS North America, LLC.  


Vice President of APiS North America, Chad Johnson, is an expert in both the APIS® IQ-Software and FMEA methodology. He joined APiS North America, LLC in 2016 after nearly 21 years with ZF/TRW Automotive as a Systems Engineer and certified Master Black Belt - 6Sigma/DFSS. In this time, Chad spent 15 years committing himself to the development of state-of-the-art FMEAs and the processes required to produce them. He necessarily became an expert in the APIS® IQ-Software; there are many features in the IQ-Software today that are of his design. He leads our training program and is a featured speaker in the APiS North America Annual User Conferences, which we have completed our 3rd annual event this past August 2020. Our customers find the value that Chad brings to their FMEA programs, is an additional asset of the IQ-Software that incorporates best practices across the industries we serve.

Our IQ-Software training Program Manager and trainer, Anthony Rodriguez, joined APiS North America, LLC in October 2017, after working with Molina Healthcare for more than a decade. During his tenure, Anthony served as a Regional Manager of Learning and Development leading a team of learning professionals in the development and implementation of technical and soft skills development training programs for the classroom and virtual delivery platform. His experience in adult learning and ability to apply Learner Engagement Strategies has been an invaluable asset in effectively delivering classroom and virtual training, in both English and Spanish, of the IQ-Software. In addition, Anthony has applied his curriculum development experience to create the APiS North America IQ-Software training materials which serve as a post-training reference tool for teams implementing their FMEA program. As a result, customers have provided invaluable feedback on their learning experience which supports and reflects the Culture, Mission and Values of the APiS North America team.


As the demand for the IQ-Software has increased throughout North America, the demand to deliver the most effective training solutions and consultation services increased proportionately. The formation of the IQ-Software distributor APiS North America team in July 2016, was intentionally targeted to meet the growing needs for this support in North and South America. Our team provides training to global companies to meet the coordinated needs of their quality and safety programs. From the beginning, APiS North America has consistently driven customer needs into the IQ-Software’s capability and functionality.

Since our inception, APiS North America has increased its market presence, both in terms of licensed customers, as well as in the number of industries they support across North and South America. In 2016, the customer base was heavily weighted toward automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Since then, we have leveraged our expertise to grow our reach and now serve other industries, including and not limited to,

Alternative Energy 

Artificial Intelligence 

Autonomous Vehicle Suppliers

Electric Vehicle OEMs

Medical Device Manufacturers

Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers

Navigation Systems and Manufacturing


3-D Printing



This past year presented our team with many challenges that forced us, as so many others, to change our operations to an almost 100% virtual delivery of services.  Prior to the global pandemic, our team traveled most of their work weeks and since last February, there have been less than a handful of training sessions that are not virtual, from our headquarters or our colleagues’ home offices. We anticipate this will continue through most, to all, of 2021 and we have found that this has maintained great connection and support to our global customers and team. Our parent company, APIS® Informationstechnologien GmbH is Regensberg, Germany, and APIS Information Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd., in Shanghai, China and our team has maintained our strong, and growing, presence across the globe.   

Our many years of experience, customer development, additional industries, and implementation of new service offerings provide our customers. The knowledge that we are a very well respected, trusted, and robust team and addition to the APIS® company, is important for our customers and interested customers. We will provide each with the best customer service each and every time we represent ourselves, the IQ-Software, and the APIS® legacy.

APiS North America’s mission is “to revolutionise how our customers leverage FMEAs within their risk management & functional safety efforts to improve their products and processes through our offering of innovative, high quality software products, expert training & consulting, and impeccable attention to customer service”. The APIS® IQ-Software and the APiS North America, LLC team, will provide best practices for your organisation’s quality and safety program.

The IQ-Software expansion stages provide flexibility for companies’ implementation and a cost effective way to implement the robust functionality and utilise it to meet the needs of each specific industry, customer, and user. Global companies have the ability to work together using the 23 supported languages of the software and the flexible server access within companies’ own networks to ensure the highest safety and confidentiality of the very sensitive data their engineers must work with.  To learn more, visit and contact   EG  

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